Sunday, December 31, 2006

The last of 2006 Part II

Continuation from the previous post:

23rd - 25th December 2006

So I spent my first week of holidays cramming on campus. It's so totally sad, I know. And so to "un-sadify" my life, my parents took the family for a trip to genting for the Christmas break. This should induce an impression of cool air, lotsa fun at the peak, luxury stay at the hotel, and so on. It was a break away from my serious cramming scheme alright.

Who would've thought one could get sunburnt in Genting?! Of all people, I had to be the victim. Some must be thinking: Congratulations for not being an ardent fan of face cream!
Looks pretty sad, don't I? It hurts bad, peeling and everything, it made me look like I had a blusher overdose! The thing is, I have never really used any throught my life. Back to the sunburn. Many would think how is it remotely possible to obtain sunburns in Genting. For crying out loud, Genting is cooling and everything. But people forget that you're further away above sea level, making you closer to the sun. This means the sun rays are filtered less, as you have less atmosphere above you for protection. Hence, more UV to bring you skin closer to wrinkle-dom! Hehehe, I miss Physics!

This is way early in the morning before I got the sunburns. Somehow, although I'm there to have fun, the mood to play isn't setting in at all. I ended up camwhoring with my parents, waiting around for my siblings to skip from one ride to another.

Look! Santa got a sunburn too! Aww, we so appreciate him travelling from the North Pole and getting sunburnt on the way. Hehe, WeiShien and SuetWah's all smiles.
Apparently, WeiShien can't get enough of The Black Santa, we joined SuetMun and me for another shot. Awana should've sponsored Mr. Santa some Banana Boat's in honour for his special appearance in a golf cart. Hmm... The reindeers must've crashed on the golfcourse.

Daddy's obliging a shot with me, it's rare. I love this shot, I thought the lighting made us both look better =D

We tried our hands at Archery. Though we can't quite hit the bullseye, we look good holding the bow. Quite "yeng" right? Lol...

See? I told you, camwhore in the flesh.

Awww... Don't they just look perfect together?

And my Aunty Angie decided not to be left out too! My dad's so lucky to have 2 women in his arms, teeheehee...

Look carefully and tell me is there any problem with this sign I found outside the ride called, The Toboggan. Wonder if I should send this in to The Star, who knows I might just get some cold hard cash!

We have Desperate Housewives, and I'm here to present you The Abandoned Men, whose children and wife are having fun somewhere in the theme park while they are left to have they coffee, newspapers, and only each other to sympathise.
As I'm typing this, I'm suddenly reminded of the sympathetic nervous system =(

Christmas Day this year is unusually special, a significant day for Fluffy and I.
Lol, this is just a teaser, full cover on that in the next entry.

14th December 2006

PharmNott's Christmas Dinner @ Mum's Place, Damansara Perdana

Nadia, LuLu, Grace, Me, SayYuen, and JuLi.

With SiowChin, WeiEn and SayYuen.

Everyone wants a piece of the only surviving population of the extinct-ing male species in Nottingham's Pharmacy School.
Goh, Augustine, Mr.Tiong, Jawad and Duncan.

Shots with the lovelies, Say Yuen (above) and Juli (below).

For those out there who has more photos, please send them all to me via our GroupWise account? I know I took more photos than this, hehe, I didn't get a smile cramp for nothing ^^.

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