Friday, December 22, 2006

My 18th Birthday

A lovely surprise it was on Sunday morning, December the 3rd...

to wake up to a gorgeous bouquet, beside some early birthday gifts. I was like, WOW, this is the second time I receive flowers from some one else. Turns out that it was from my then Guitar Sifu, Fluffy-san. So sweet of him... MUAX. My favourite flowers, LILIES, all naturally scented.

Hehe... And some early wishes from my ex-BOSS... A pair of pink sandals, just what I need! My birthday is not even here yet, but I'm already feeling like I'm in seventh heaven. Can this day get any better?

See? This is how a happy 18 year old to be looks like, hehehe.

The rest of the day was spent with my family at our all time lepak spot, 1 Utama. I had to shop for some formal wear for the hospital visit on 7th December, which I will elaborate about later. Shopping was uber fruitful as I managed to pick up several items that has MY SIZE and are ON SALE! Yala, cheapskate la. But to put it nicely, wasting is bad, hehehe. My instincts told me that I must must MUST grab it. Should I defy my instinct's orders, I will feel like a part of my soul is torn away from me. Those bargains are like, SYOK beyond description.

Since I will be celebrating my birthday on campus, (it HAD to fall on a Monday), my daddy decided to treat me lunch on Sunday. We went to the much hyped about cafe, Ms.Read's Delicious.

See? Even the menu has pretty graphics! It's designs are oh-so-lovely that I couldnt't resist nicking one of their paper table mats home to add to my wall collection alongside my Kimi Raikkonen poster! Teeheehee...

Lucky drinks that were chosen for the afternoon.
Frosty Lemon Tea, Limenade, Watermelon and Lychee, and my brilliant choice that day, Death By Milk Chocolate. Fantabulous on the taste buds.

My Four Cheese Pasta. Do not underestimate it, solely by being judgemental on its size. Oh no, this little bowl of joy made me full to the brim even before I’m done with it. It’s full of CHEESE, I don’t think many excipients were added. Just CREAMY CHEESE, not watery gravy, like how some places would serve them to rip you off.

My sister’s HUGE Beef Lasagne. The other dishes weren’t served in portions as small as my pasta. Now that’s what I would call value for money. It’s CHEESEFUL, and yummy. I personally think this Lasagne would give Secret Recipe’s lasagne a run for their money. Teeheehee…

Up next, an excellent choice by my dad, some, erm, Turkish dish. I know, I know, I should’ve blogged earlier. I forgot its name, but nevermind, I have a photo of it. Behold…

A hungry dad.

And also a hungry brother who complained of starvation while we were shopping, contentedly devouring his Spaghetti Carbonara.

I must admit that I’m impressed with their eye for detail. Worth checking out on your next visit to One Utama, no kidding.

While loitering abit more in our favourite mall, we bumped into some relatives, who led us to Dragon-I for dinner. Next on the review list…

DRAGON-I, New Wing, One Utama.

Regretfully, I have to say that this review is going to be fairly short, mainly because I have no praise for this restaurant. The only thing I can say is that, their famous XiaoLongBao is worth a bite of two. But then, I may be wrong too, for I am not familiar with XiaoLongBaos. That aside, I sorta disliked the narrow environment, and the dim lighting. What are they trying to do? Blind their customers as they squint their way throught the menu? Or it could just be their way of making the multi-number pricings beside their dishes less visible. They charge a bomb for a simple dish. Heck, it so freaking plain, I can get a better bowl from Asia CafĂ© for just half the price. I’m so not going back to make the blood suckers watch as they rip people off their hard earned moolah.

When night came, it was time for me to go back to campus. Not long after I had reached and bathed. Bernard and I went for a stroll around our dark campus, stargazing below the infamous Nottingham clock tower, until the clock striked 12. I felt so very guilty, really. Mechanical Engineering students have a test the next day, and yet he was willing to spend time to be with me when the clock strikes. To make it worse, I had to ignore him, in a way, while I answer my calls. (Thank you all the lovely souls who called, I love you guys.) But he waited, patiently until I’m done. Aww… sounds so sweet right? But it was just part of a bigger plan. This was all a decoy.

Inside, schemers squeezed themselves inside my room, ready to pounce at me upon my return. As I walked back to my room, we did have some fun along the way *winkz* That was perhaps the beginning of something new. But that’s another story for another day. I was greeted with…

“Lilian went to bed early,” said Lynnette, joined by Say Yuen.

Out of habit, I went to check if Lilian’s sleeping okay, to make sure that none of my stuffs are in the way. Not wanting to wake her up, I pushed the door open slowly. To minimise the creaking of the hinges, you know, I never knew how to deal with it.

I’m not quite sure what happened next, but I just fell straight into recital mode, OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG… That was the only thing I can seem to utter, while I blush like I’ve never blushed before. Diana, Chien Hui, Christine, Cher Wei, Ying Ying , all of them my classmates were there. I LOVE YOU GIRLS. Then there were Alex, Seetho with the cake, and Jie Qiang, joined later by Ming Han and Gabriel. They serenaded me with Happy Birthday the Song, while Ken and Bernard accompanied them on theire guitars. There, The Plan unveiled. I am so glad to have such lovely people around me, they didn’t have to do that. A ‘choir’, a ‘live band’ and my favourite Cappucino Chese Cake. From what I’ve gathered so far, SOMEONE went through a lot of trouble to get the cake. Thank you dear. I really appreciated it.

That’s pretty much how my day started. I really enjoyed every single moment of it. More wishes flow through my phone right till the next day, after the clock strike 12! Wow, I don’t mind the late wishes really, as long as they come, and I know that there are many out there who care. I’m touched, I really am. I had a wonderful 18th birthday.

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