Thursday, January 25, 2007

The History of Fluffy and I


Fluffy @ Bernard Lau

I'm pretty sure that most of you know what's been going on between us already. This is to help fill in some blanks for those who've voiced out their curiousity.

Erm, since this is quite personal, I will leave out the, you know, potentially juicy details *snigger*


Well, let's breeze past this one.
I met him in university, and at first, he was Ken's friend.
Then when we started chatting, I was somehow talked into sending him my first ever batch of cookies, hmm... sneaky one there!
In return, he would be my unofficial guitar sensei. From then on it was sensei turned close friends who hangs out at the Student Association Building.
Then came my birthday, when Fluffy was being very sweet and all, being with me when the clock chimed, playing the guitar at my surprise celebration, and the bouquet... etc.
Sometime later we started chilling at 'our place' on campus, until one fine day in December, someone said "I think I'm falling for you..."
Alright, enough said. I guess I'll be nasty and leave most of the part to your imaginations, LOL...

So far so good, we went on a wonderful trip to Genting. The best part is, mom, daddy and my entire family gave the go ahead on Christmas! Even my maid seems to like him, she just LOVES staring at him *sniggers*

For a change, it felt really different to have someone out there who will always look out for me, as more than a friend. I know I had a first, but that was different. I'm more involved in this one, its probably due to the added maturity now. Doubts aren't absent, however. There are doubts about how I'll cope with my course, on whether this'll work out, if I'm emotionally ready to accept another... and so on. Putting on the optimism, armed with hope, I'm just going to go with my guts. Bernard is one good thing that has happened to me. Sure, we may not have the exact same ideas and taste in everything. Heck, he loves his Arsenal while I'm unquestionably still die-hard about Liverpool! When I think of it, it is kinda weird that we were even able to generate a spark in the place. Maybe the old saying "Opposites attract" does exist for a reason =) All I know is that I ain't gonna let a sexy little fluff slip right through my fingers just like that! hahaha...

Happy First Month Anniversary Fluffy dear!

Fluffy, if you're reading this, I want to let you know that I've fallen head over heels for you. You came into my life for a reason, and I hope this is it. I'll promise you to be a good girl, by trying to be less naughty. May there be many more happy months to come!

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