Friday, February 09, 2007

Frenchmen aren't good at CPRs

Conclusion of the week: Never leave a Frenchman in reach of a dummy!

Normally, I would find lecturers turning up later than me, although technically, I was already several minutes late. What to do? Bed's too warm and comfy mah, hehe... One fine day, I expected myself to be several minutes earlier. But, there was a man, a HUGE man, standing in front of the lecture room already engrossed in his slides. I totally couldn't believe my eyes! Not only he was early, he was already teaching eventhough the class was merely half-filled!

I sat through the class, making full observation, and also full concentration, despite it still being the wee hours of the morning. Yes, 10 sumting is still a "wee hour". This, is Dr. Christophe Wiart, is French! Great, that explains alot! The strong sideburns, the Rrrrrrrs, the overly gentleman manner, the very weird accent (his pronounciation is beyond my comprehension), and the quirky attitude too, maybe?

Speaking of quirky...
He gets us into a fit of giggles everytime, seriously! At times, I wonder if he's disguised as a lecturer instead. I have never in my life seem such a playful educator. He's just like everyone of us, understanding our every intention and interest. You should have seen him in a recent lab session, when we learnt the CPR and Heimlich Maneuver. There he was, tossing the infant dummy around, slapping the adult dummy, joking bout the dummy's "amputated right leg". Even our guest speaker were puzzled about his behaviour. We didn't seem to be complaining one bit, well, maybe except for Duncan, he's been complaining about him eversince his first lecture. Gah, that made understanding his French accent even harder. Though he seems to be having fun in class, his teaching is, surprisingly good! He would go to great lengths to get his point across, diagrams, animations with sound effects (not the Flash type, he performs it, literally bringing facts to life, lol!). Maybe he did get carried away sometimes, by wasting no time explaining. And that cost us another extra lecture because he couldn't finish in time. Thankfully, with our extended understanding, we saved hours of reading in return. It all summed up pretty nicely in the end ya?

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