Sunday, February 04, 2007

Principal, the daughter of a weed!

This is a story about the Principal of SMKBUD2.

Once upon a time, (actually it's about 24 hours ago), a poor student (guess who?) seeked helped from a Principal. All she needed was several signatures to verify some documents that should be submitted for her PTPTN study loan application. She even brought along the original documents so that the Principal could see that she's not cheating. Moments after voicing out her humble request to a staff, the staff returned saying that the Principal simply will not oblige. (That daughter of a weed!) Infuriated and disappointed, the girl had no choice but to voice out her frustration elsewhere. A complaint letter has been submitted to the relevant authorities, and she wishes the mean Principal a not too happily ever after. The End.

Her defence:

Being rejected before I could see the principal or submit her documents is absolutely absurd!!! She rejected me dead flat, just like that. To think I was recommended to go see the Principal in the form itself, ugh. No, she wasn't in a meeting. No, she didn't have a guest at that time. And No, she had no real reason to say NO. However, she did spare some effort to come up with the lamest of excuses. She claims that she did not want to be cheat. What the fork. Hello, that's why I brought along the originals. She could at least look at them. Should she suspect any traces of fraud and is unwilling to sign, that would've been much more acceptable I say. It is strictly in her job description to deal with such situations, professionally. Furthermore, she is being paid by taxpayers TO WORK, not to decline work. A government servant, she is definitely not. Why? Because she doesn't serve the public, a government leecher sounds more like it. A Principal like this deserve none of the respect due for one of her position. Call her a representative from the education sector of the government if you like. She is not encouraging the study loan applications, I shall go on to assume that this government representative does nothing to encourage higher education either. It's either this, or we're paying for imbeciles who are much more concerned about securing their pretty little office with a shiny name plate, rather than doing the job itself. Who elected an officer of such low quality to hold such an important post in the first place? I've seen many Principals who live up to their standards and their paycheck in the past. Yes, I'm biased only against that single one who turned me down.

I don't just say I believe in my rights. I mean it and I do it. As a responsible citizen, I'm only doing my part. No offense, I had to get it out of my system anyway. It's ruining my appetite, and I've got Baskin Robbins to finish. Ahh~

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