Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Lost Phone and number recovery


By now, most of you would be cursing me badly for not picking up calls, replying sms-es, or even for not sending CNY wishes. My apologies. Rest assured that I really do not mean to do that.

Thing is, I can do nothing about it. My phone's stolen, along with my purse. Yes, again. No, I don't intend to repeat the story about how I lost it. I'm still heart-brokened about it, to the extent of dreaming about recovering dear old ISIS. On the bright side, at least the thief has the decency to return me most of the stuff that's in my purse. Apparently, the thief loves my purse. The thief rather pull out all the cards from like 10 compartments, than just take cash and leave the purse alone. Hmm... stuff that the thief did keep for him/herself are my Touch'n'Go card, Nottingham currency (oh puhleez, like these have any value outside campus, what a moron!), and cash worth about Rm 30 (thank goodness I spent them all before losing it)

A police report has been made, and I'm making do with my sister's handphone for now. I have now regained possession of my original 019 number, and can be reached through it.

A light of precaution just for my fellow friends. Knowing how utterly upsetting losing a dear handphone is, take this advice.

I lost my phone in ADD-ON / Izzue boutique in One Utama, right opposite Burger King in the old wing. Then somehow, after several hours, my documents were recovered in a plastic bag (like the ones that they use to wrap brand new clothes) in the changing room. I stayed at the boutique for like an hour after I lost it, turning the boutique upside down. I know I searched everywhere. Why would something appear like that outta nowhere after several hours? Surely a thief would have vacated the premises after the crime? I have a good mind to suspect that it's the staff in that boutique who did it. In addition, it was not a professional thief. My phone was still ringing one week later while in the thief's possession. A professional thief would have gotten rid of my SIM card right away. My advice is to practice caution while frequenting this particular store. They may have dishonest staff, and is not equipped with CCTV. Remember the shop, practice caution! Don't let this happen to you.

Right now, I won't be getting a new phone soon. I'm still too emotionally attached to my ol' ISIS. The naive me is still banking of getting it back. Don't ask me how, don't ask me why. I just know that there's a way, and this means a little bit of hope. When there's a shimmer of hope, I'm not about to give up on ISIS. Wish me luck, in catching this criminal! Just because I wasn't careful enough doesn't give that thief a right to steal. We're both wrong, but I'm not about to let that thief prance away with rewards while I endure intense emotional sufferings.

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