Saturday, March 03, 2007

Tracking Thieves

This is a story of how I tracked down the thief who stole my handphone.

It basically starts something like this. Throughout the one week period that the thief had possesion of my mobile number. She (yes, it's a she) happily drained my prepaid credit, obviously to call/sms some people. After I had reverted control of my own number, those people that she contacted weren't aware that the number had just changed hands. Just a few days ago, one guy contacted my number, asking for LEVI's coupons. Instinctively, I lied to that poor guy, to bring him out. I had to, it was the only way to find out who was the culprit. All those nightmares I've been having about my phone, I had to face it. At Asia Cafe Subang Jaya, I met up with this person, Cyril. Guess what? He turned out to be a A Levels Taylorian junior! Not long after I spilled out my plight, he decided to help me, just like that? Wow, I didn't know people like this still exist! He didn't even mind me lying to him for the past few days and understood why I had to do it. In addition, he volunteered to help us find the culprit. The person he was expecting to see was Anne Kong, the assistant supervisor of the Playboy/Add-On/ Izzue boutique. I was like : WTF! That's where I lost the phone. This is good evidence to support my previous suspicion that a staff stole it! Apparently, she called him up several times with my number. To make this even more suspicious, she told him that gray Sony Ericsson was a new phone that she got. What a liar, that bitch! The extra information that Cyril provided was that, they used to live together in the same rented house in SS15, until she moved out due to attitude problems with the tenants and issues with the landlord. Oh yeah, the more juicier bit is that her resume was FAKED to get this Asst. Supervisor job. Never expected anyone to go this low.

Soon after, Bernard got us to 1U. While on our way to the boutique, we passed by Jusco Supermarket, where he caught Hannah Tan checking out at the cashier. Lol, I was excited at first. Even pushed them both, Bernard and Cyril forward to ask for a photo or autograph when they took a few steps backward for a second look. Sure enough it was her. She was about my height, and I won't deny it, super uber hot! Gorgeous really. The boys just couldn't tear their eyes away, well it paid off anyway, Hannah noticed and flashed them a smile. I think they both STIM-ed on the spot. I can't help but also feel that spotting Hannah in the flesh was one of the redeemign factors that justified wasting their time and effort to help me worthwhile. For that several minutes, all I could get out of them was "Hannah Tan is damn hot". I know that, and I couldn't help but felt my heart being scrunched up more each time. They are men after all, driven very much by that lil piece of "brain" down there, more than the brain up there. Who could blame them, I understand. But no one can blame me for emo-ing about it too. There's only so much that a girl can take on emotionally in a day. I AM having that time of the month after all, it hurts so much I can barely stand throughout the day, I didn't say anything about it. I had to be strong, I started this mission, and I had to keep going. Supressing emo-ness is so hard, expecially with period being the EMO-AMP, as Ken puts it. Even the most emo person said I was being especially emo. Sigh... I'm a girl, how can I not get emo? I allowed it to chip away at my emotions bit by bit.

Emo-ism aside. I did find Anne Kong, and asked to speak in private. She refused, or maybe she didn't understand what "private" means. She stood there and I told her about my phone. Then out of the blue, she was running all around the boutique, I could tell from her body language that she was freaking out. After trailing her for awhile, she hid in the stock room. We grew impatient after a long while, and knocked on it. Her army of staff went all protective. However, "job at stake" and "police report" seemed to have broken down their defense very well. We did manage to get Anne out. Here are some of the stuff she said. Pardon the bad English, she actually invented a plural form for money called "moneyS" somehwere in our conversation.

"Who you think you are?!"
Duh, I'm here to ask you something! And I came with proof. Obviously I'm someone you need to be careful with, because I can make you lose your job and put you in jail.

"I don't know your phone!"
Oh puh-leez, you were the person who told me to leave down my number and contacts in case you guys found it, on the day I lost it.

"Later my boss thinks I bring friends come, I will get trouble."
You're already in trouble miss. Your boss already knows, you're making a commotion, and a fool out of yourself. You spoke loudly in uneven tones, you drew the attention not me. I was the one who offered privacy, which you failed to take advantage of.

"Do you know I'm working?"
Why else would we find you here? Obviously we can't find you anymore other than at your workplace aka Crime Scene. It's not like you sleep here at night or something. Stupid question.

"The IC we find is not yours."
WTF??!!! Who are you to judge that? You don't know my IC number, you don't know how I looked like when I was younger, and you don't know my name, nor my address. That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

"That number is not your number, it's Jessica Tan's number!"
Who else memorises number nowadays? Unless she's your bestie, or even a close family member. You said she wasn't even your friend. How can you tell it's Jessica's number just by looking at it? Plus, I've been using the same number since Form 3. You gave me so much bullshit. You're probably making this up too. How did Jessica Tan come into this picture anyway?

"...she owes me money... I use her phone... Can't contact Jessica..."
She's implying that Jessica's the one with my phone and number. Jessica's not even a staff? She couldn't bring out Jessica even. According to her, Jessica Tan is a student at Help Institute, from Klang. I was wondering if anyone can find her? Her innocence is at stake, and I do want to clarify this once and for all.

The manager was there, but he was no help at all. Anne kept denying and pushing the blame onto someone else. How much of this is true, I do not know. Publicly, I would like to thank Cyril, Fluffy, Zhao, my roomies, my family and so many others who has given me support to go through this. You guys are the greatest! You have no idea how eternally grateful I was to know that you guys were there for me when I was helpless. Couldn't have done it without y'all! Bernard said I was stubborn and brave. It scares me after the entire ordeal, to think that I actually had the strength to go through all these. To be able to face the incident that has been haunting me, going through period and being sick at the same time. You know what? I actually slept well last night. No nightmares about my phone, and I'm no longer sick. As fit as fiddles now! Somehow, I had a feeling that the incident had some kind of mental impact on me, that I couldnt sleep well, and fell sick. Either way, I'm glad that I tried, at least, although I didn't manage to get it back. I bet I scared Anne enough, if she were the thief. Most probably she will never lay her hands on another phone that did not belong to her again. It's the least I could do to help everyone hang on to their phones. Now that the management is aware of it, I bet they will keep a closer eye on monitoring their staff. Now that I've got it off my chest, I've decided to let it go. No police reports. Plus, I've wasted enough of Cyril's time. Through our previous correspondence, in which I lied to bring him out, I "promised" him Levi's coupons. In return for his good heart, I gave him some McDonalds vouchers instead. After all, he did spend the entire afternoon helping me, a stranger. Fate brought me to know this guy, and I intend to keep him as a friend.

To this moment, it sickens me to know such evil people are lurking around us. And yet, Cyril gave that shimmer of hope that goodness still thrives! Please help others, as Cyril helped me. For starters, you can contribute to UNIM's Charity Concert and After Party this upcoming Wednesday! It's organized by the Dance, Youth and Ace Society. Fluffy's performing, lol, and so is K'Town Clan! Only RM 25/ ticket, see you there!

What an adventure huh?

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