Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Clarins Instant Light Contest, Vote for Me!

Just last weekend, I popped by to MidValley, and participated in the Clarins competition. Normally I would just wave my hands and go: bah, not interested. I guess the main thing that sparked my interest was that, if Fluffy can join Talent Quest, then why not me? It's probably about time that I climb out of my comfort zone and start attempting stuff out there. So there.

A big ass photo of myself. This is something you don't see everyday, for sure. For starters, I'm not keen on having makeup ALL the time. I don't have Laici-like complexion, and eventhough it's not exactly porcelain either, I'm proud of it. Proud of being au-naturale, from top to bottom. No dyed hair (original colour, mind you), no slimming whatevers, no implants, no plastic surgery, and rarely with makeup (when the occassion calls for it, minimal).

For this shot, Clarin's cleansed my face with their products, and even threw in a dollop of moisturiser, aww... so considerate XD. They had professional who did my hair, and my makeup, and a photographer who choreographed the shot. Caitlyn, the girl who did my hair was sooo pretty, and she's patient too. I thought she did a good job on my hair. The makeup artist was uber patient too, I couldn't help blinking while she was applying stuff on my eyes. Oh sure, it doesn't look too heavy in the photo, but man, there was ALOT of makeup that went into it. For the face, she mixed about 4 different types of substances before smearing it all over my face, then followed by powder, and lastly blusher. The first layer was so thick, I couldn't see my natural flush on my cheeks anymore. Then came the eyes, I don't know how many colours she used, but there were pencils, and several pallettes of shadow. Lipstick and gloss came on last of all. As you may noticed, she did do a good job. Wow, she had to, maybe expensive (very expensive!) makeup helped make her job easier. Woo~ I'm wearing branded stuff on my face okay? Lol, I definitely can't afford those on a regular basis, hence I deserve a few seconds worth of bragging rights. The photographer (a male) was well, gay-ish. A patient man too, with a stiff and giggly subject (whoelse but me?) whose waist, shoulders, and neck were twisted and turned in odd directions for him to make the perfect shot. I smiled, without my teeth, and he went like, SHOW YOUR TEETH. Immediately, I gave him the grin he wanted. Seriously, you had to be there to see it, I was hilariously the joke of the day. Oh and that furry thing I had on me, it was his selection, and preference. I wouldn't have settled for it, if given a choice. It was, well, aunty-ish, ya know? My lime green tube was not pretty enough for the camera I guess =(

So yeah, VOTE FOR ME. Cliche, but its the most efficient phrase. In return for your kind support, Clarins is offering free trial products, and makeovers too! If you don't want it, I'm sure your girlfriend/girl-but-just-a-friend/mom/sister would want it. Expensive, branded stuff okay? Lol...

Click HERE, this should take you to the page where you can vote for me. Just in case, you don't remember, the name's Suet Ling. If you can't find me, try navigating to pages 5 or 7. Thank you in advance! Oh and if you have multiple accounts, you can get multiple Freebies with multiple votes *winkz*

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