Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Year of the Fire Boar

I keep telling myself that I can blame no one, for I brought this onto myself. I chose this Uni, who's extremely EXTREMELY stingy with their holidays, even for CNY. I'll say, about a good 40-50% of the student population is made up of chinese, why can't they be a wee bit more generous?

CNY pretty much sucked. It shouldn't be this way. Joey Yap said so.

Dragon (1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000)

While 2006 proved to be rough for Dragons, the Year of the Fire Boar won’t bring the best luck to Dragons, but there will be a marked improvement in all areas of your life. Good things await Dragons this year. Employment by or of Dragons will witness good relations, with ideas and plans supported at work and home. Married Dragons will enjoy stable relationships, while single Dragons should take the initiative to meet the right person. There will be strong support from those around you, and opportunities for promotion or salary increment. Contain your spending urge, however, and maintain fiscal discipline this year.

Check out yours here!!!'

Marked improvement?
Okay lar, at least I'm still getting something from gambling.

Good relations, ideas, and plans supported at work and home.
Hmm, so far so good. I did realised that I managed to meet some decent souls like Cyril, and also that I've fantastic friends around me! Ideas and plans, not much at the moment, but yeah, everyone has been pretty supportive of my intentions.

Stable relationships
I can't tell for sure. By right, we're supposed to be going steady. Encountering a rough path every now and then, but overcoming each and everyone as they come. Then there's the going to UK part that we're working very hard on. Hopefully we'll be able to survive the usually rocky first year.

Opportunities for promotion or salary increment
Oooh! Does this mean I'll get that during my summer internship? Yippee!

Contain spending urge, maintain fiscal discipline
Aww, less spending. That's sooo sad. I'm spending very little already. But shopping therapy has such good effects on me... *whines* Fiscal discipline. Right, that I can't do. Not especially when I'm all stressed up with reports and assignments, and bad Semenyih food. Born naturally rebellious, I despise control. Even Fluffy's having a hard time making me eat before going for my group discussion *shrugs*

A short post before I head off back to uni... Sigh, bye bye lovely wonderful KL, again.