Thursday, March 22, 2007

A rose has emerged

A new rose has flourished in the realm. One that I have never realised to exist. one that has been blooming for all its worth, oblivious to me. I have noticed its intriguing scent lingering. A scent that is hardly impossible to ignore. So irresistable the scent, this single stalk has been constantly showered lovingly by rain, as well as from the birds and the bees, that fall prey to its attractive scent. All around it, to many it is an occassion to rejoice, a time for celebration. There has been overwhelming attention paid to nourish the rose, which is now blooming more vibrantly day by day. Alas, a rose will always be a rose. Its beauty shall be the ultimate challenge for everything else. Its charm shall be the reason for its survival. The art of deception, beautifully mastered. It chooses for you, what you are to see. Playing everything that it has to its advantage, one often forgets what it will still carry on its stalk and support. A worthy competitor, a deserving survivor, amongst the garden bed, where other petal bearers seem to pale in comparison, at least, to eyes that choose to believe so, instead of taking a closer look. Challenges lie in waking up from a dream, to rise above its charm. Pretty to the eye as it is, a rose will not always please. The time will come when one is no longer capable of serving up to the rose's demand. And by the time it has wilted in your care, it will be too late to realise that a rare orchid which seedling happened to stumbled across this lovely garden by chance, has been striving for survival for as long as its memory extends. Along came an admirer who truly admires it for what it is, and finally offered the care and attention that it rightfully deserves. All is lost, simply in a presence of a temporary attraction that has blinded the loyal and defied the trustworthy. An innocent garden guardian, relieved of what was his pride and glory, in the middle of an empty garden.

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