Sunday, April 01, 2007

The horrifying urine test!

As part of my MPharm requirement, it's totally compulsory for us to be immune to the potentially fatal Hepatitis B. Being health professionals, ya know? We don't want to contract any yucky microbes, to pass on to other patients. Although that would be a good idea... More sick patients, more business, more moolah to splurge on Starbucks ;)

Last Saturday, I went to the clinic for a blood test. Since I'm studying Haematology anyway, I decided to go for a full scale blood test, heh heh, to see if the stuff that my lecturer feeds us is right! That's cause I'm perfectly normal, right? Right?!

I fasted 10 ghastly hours for this. 10 hours without food, oh poor me, there goes my fattening plan. Mr.Doc took out an 8ml needle-syringe! Yikes! I totally freaked out and started asking him loads of questions. It was so utterly embarassing....

"OMG, are you really gonna fill that thing?"

"How many syringes do you need?"

"You're taking so much blood?"

"How come the syringe's moving by itself?"

"Are there anticoagulants in those tubes?"

"What's that gel in the tubes for?"

I think Mr.Doc got tired of me already by the second question. Still, he patiently answered my questions, so sweeet~~~ The needle, was well bigger than I had expected! I watched it pierce right through my skin, into my veins. Before it was entirely inserted, I even saw a lil bit my blood leaked out. Ewww... The creepy part was when I saw my dark red blood, gradually filling the transparent syringe. I can feel Mr.Doc drawing blood outta my veins, the way it oozed out of my elbow into the needle. And I watched it all, all the way, developing goosebumps, and suppressing the strong urge of slapping the syringe-shaped mosquito. I told myself, it is NOT a bad mosquitoe, it is a GOOD mosquitoe. There's no used slapping it to death, it won't go 'splat' into a pile of dead carcass and half-digested blood. Ahh~ which reminds me the satisfaction of doing so to a real mosquitoe~~~

Then they handed me an empty plastic container, asking for an urine sample. I was like, WHAT?! Heck I just pee-ed that morning, where am I supposed to find more pee for you? Well, since you wanted it, I sat in the toilet for some time, and just managed a couple of mililitres. Thank goodness it was enough. Enough to show that there're something wrong with my pee!

The results were released on Wednesday. Everything was perfect with my blood. Yay! I had enough Hep B immunity to keep me away from another syringe! Wee~~~! But, the same cannot be said about my urine. Apparently, I've got traces of protein in it. By right, the kidney's supposed to filter all large molecules back into the body. The thought of a faulty kidney scared the lights outta me. I went back to my GP the following weekend. Mr. Doc disregarded the matter, saying that it was really quite impossible for someone of my age to be having kidney problems, my blood seemed perfectly fine. He suggested that it was most probably due to some other reasons, such as bladder cell renewal or something like that. Yay~~~

I'm perfectly healthy! Nothing to worry about~~ Okay la, so it's just my weight maybe. Recently we had an experiment on Lung Function Testing! I screwed the results big time I think. I'm technically the smallest, weighing in at just 40kgs and 159cm, I seem to have a bigger and better lung than the rest of them larger girls. Muahaahaahaa..... I may be small, but I'm FIT. I thank my kickboxing training for that. Though the weight still needs working on. After 18 years, why won't my weight be obedient just once?! Sigh~~

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