Saturday, April 21, 2007

Study Break

It's finally the end of my Year 1 studies in uni. Yikes, and that just means, that the worse is yet to come. So what if I'm having my holidays now? Exams's in 2 weeks time, and oh, there's so much to study! Whatever happened to the good old days when passing a paper didn't even require any reading at all? I remember, back then, all I worried was whether what I'm doing is enough for an A1. Now? I'd be eternally grateful if I would just pass. I'm facing it alright, a new type of education that's too lazy to spoonfeed you. Gah...

Enough of that, point is, I'll be having a study break, so the blog shall be temporarily abandoned till the end of my exams in May, that should be about the 12th, or something like that. I've got so much to blog about, and photos too, if I can get my hands on them. Let's see, there's Chill-Out concert (where Fluffy's band was invited to play at), Pharmacy's very own WWIII, Mummy's birthday, Ms.Reads, my internship and more, more, MORE. Oooh, and I might even be revamping the template of this page, teeheehee... okay, pray for me, wish me luck. I need it, lol...

Till then, all the best to all you peeps out there, whether you're cramming for you mid-years, of end-of-the-years (UK unis only), stay strong, drink plenty of water, and do not forget to rest! You don't want to fall sick when it matters the most. Also, Pharmacy people, I'm always online for discussion =) Cheerz!

Signing off, just for a month, The Ling.

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