Saturday, May 12, 2007

Clarins results

Alrighty then, I'm back people! Done with Year 1 Pharmacy, and I'm chucking all things stress-related to the back of my closet.

Bring it on baby, holidays till... get this, END OF SEPTEMBER!!! Oh yea, for all of you nasty people who have been sniggering at us poor Nottingham-mers, IN YOUR FACE! That's like, emm, more than 4 months.

*EViL LauGH*

So yeah, lately, there's been a load of people asking me how the Clarins Makeover Competition went. To put it simply, I was outvoted by some aunty.

To check out the winners, please click here. Regardless of the results, I just wanna extend my gratitude to those who sacrificed several precious minutes for my sake. I totally appreciate it you guys.

To start off the string of posts that I'll be flooding this place with, I'll be posting up pictures from my Clarins Makeover experience.

It started with a staff cleasing my face with a dozen of their products, hmm... I thought the girl was a bit too hard on the facial cotton, she must be on PMS.

Ooo, she's cool, the hairstylist, she's fixed dozens of hair for this Clarins makeover campaign. Plus, her work is totally amazing... Check this out!

Take a closer look! It's a good hair day! It looks so soft and shiny, wee~~ I just love the hair, you cant even see any one of the dozen of pins she stuck in my hair. Heh heh...

Next up, Make-up lady pins up my hair so that she get full unrestricted access to my face. Whoahahaha, my face is in her hands, literally.

Look, she's so serious, and my face is oh-so-pale. The amount of foundation she used covered everything so well, I can't even see my usual pink blush anymore.

And more makeup was slapped onto my face.

Make up half done, there ain't anything pretty about incomplete makeup. Nuh-uh.

Nah, just kidding. She could've done that to me, but she didn't. That's why I say, my face was in her hands. Hehe, hope ya didn't get a cardiac arrest for that. Here's the makeup, 'medium-rare'.

And the makeup, well-done! Oh, I really do think Lime-Green works on me, the spaghetti top I mean. I never thought I'd be able to carry it off, heehee.

Taa-daa... The shoot follows... Time to fatten up, my legs look mighty skinny there. Oh, we actually took more picture in other costumes. Unfortunately only one was selected for the competition.

Behind the scenes revealed. Courtesy of my beloved Fluffy! He's so wonderful, he drive me there, and spent the whole day just waiting for me. Love him so much. Miss him so much too =( Poor boy has another paper to go and is stuck in uni till next week. Baby, you can do it!

Stay tuned for more posts, on the happenings in uni, karaoke sessions, and Japanese Buffet.

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