Monday, May 14, 2007

Karaoke @ RedBox, The Curve

12th May 2007

Venue : RedBox, The Curve

Time : Dinner till late
Attendance : Everybody, lol. (ok
lah, i'm just too lazy to list all.)

The following will be a photoblog.

A grand room was booked. It's the biggest I've ever been in my RedBox -going history, not that I go there much though, heh heh. Still, it has a projector screen, one huge sofa, and 2 other sections, one that has a mini TV with playstation games, and the other has 3 screen's that's showing the videos that were played on the projector at the moment. Impressive huh?

I knew you couldn't see anyone in the previous shot, so here's everyone. 5 of the 6 mics were controlled by, Uncle Steven, Uncle Bear, Aunty Gabrielle, MOM (applause), and Bernard.

Oh, did I mentioned that there were attached washrooms too! One that I can hog for as long as I want, without getting into a queue. Ever wondered if a cordless mic can be brought into the toilet? Haha, imagine, some hardcore singer singing in the toilet with the mic and extra loud music, while squeezing out a chunk of poop. If you're lucky you might be able to catch the *ploop* of the shit diving into the toilet bowl from the speakers, muahaahaahaa...

Uncle Bear putting his heart into his singing, while Uncle Steven looks on. I must admit, they still having the groove despite their age =)

There you see William engrossed with his Playstation game, with Aunty Angie, Uncle Patrick and Aunty MeiLing deciding to just kick back, relax, and "enjoy" seeing us discover our "singing talents"

I sooo love Gwen Stefani!!! Has anyone heard 4 in the morning? Isn't it amazing?

The queue for the mic, and the current "Mic-whore", my bro -_-"

And so we gave Uncle Bear another birthday celebration, since our lunch came under a "Birthday Package" Oh well, good for him. And of course, for us too. Ahem.

The package comes with a birthday cake of choice, and buffet lunch for all. The food sucked. Big time. I understand that since we're not paying much anyway, so we shouldnt be expecting a food extravaganza. But seriously, the variety was too pathetic to be called a buffet. And the food, hardly anything to shout about. 'Nuff said.

A couple caught cudding, lol. You can't blame us for getting snuggly and all. *shrugs*

And guess what? We're not the only couple in the house (say that ala Jolin&DT) .
Couple #2: Daddy and Mummy getting all comfy, and happy about it.

Couple #3: Uncle Patrick, and Aunty MeiLing
We're together and not afraid to admit it! Don't we just look matching together.
(even the clothes, lol)

Couple #4: Uncle Phillip, and Aunty Angie looking like a million bucks!

Couple #?: Err, no couple here, lol... Just good pals, Uncle Steven and Uncle Bear.

Couple #5: Uncle Moon and Aunty Lily, I see the old flame still going strong!
The singing party went well until suddenly

Don't ask me what happened. Ask him. This picture was taken as ordered by dad.

Alrighty then, a shitload of photos done. More to come. I'm starting to think this is a good way to escape from writing alot of words, hahaha...

Next update: Mothers Day at Valencia.

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