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Japanese Buffet Dinner @ PJ Hilton

Well, I remembered that I sorta mentioned about concerts and bands right? I'm afraid I can't blog about it now anymore, don't ask me why, ask Fluffy. He's shy lah, hehehe...

Okay, so I'm moving on to a long-awaited post on Uncle Bear's birthday! Yup, Tyng, the picutres are all here, as requested =)

A number of yall might feel curious. "Who is this Uncle Bear, I've never heard you mention about him before?!" Uncle Bear is an uncle of mine who resides in London, and occasionally pops back to say hi! I wish I have an Aunty Bear to introduce, but, I'm still waiting for an AngPow in Pound Sterling myself. Teeheehee~~~

28th April 2007

On this day, its approximately 2 weeks to my first paper and its been about one week after my last day of the semester. By right, the holidays started the moment my semester ends, it's just that my exams "just so happened" to be during my holidays. How "sweet" of the university right? I've been spending my weekdays in uni, dating my books and all. When Mom said we were gonna be having a Japanese Buffet in PJ Hilton... I mean, come on, who could pass off such an opportunity? Especially if you have been stuck in Semenyih, eating Pan Mee everyday, if not Maggi Mee.

Pictures Galore!

The entrance of Hilton Petaling Jaya. I took this photo will full intention to start off a roll of photos! Teeheehee...

The Japanese restaurant where we dined at. From the ugly splat of yellow ink at the top left corner, I just barely made out the word "Genji". So I shall assume that it's called Genji. I think it'd be much more amusing if they hired Afdlin Shauki to pose with cutleries in his SUMO outfit , instead of the lil clown in awful non-chef outfits XD

I like the deco, nice and warm, it's totally bad lighting for reading though. But hey, who needs to read a menu? It's a BUFFET, all you need is a nose to bring you to your food. Okay, so maybe the dim lighting doesn't show you the potentially devastating amount of numbers on the bill, directly.

I saw this thing on the way to our private dining area. It's so hideous. At first sight, it looked like they chopped out the head of some Japanese Farmer on his bad-hair-day for decoration. Seriously. It's definitely NOT deco.

Pictures showing food deprived Malaysian children. Why donate to Africa when children in your own country are starving?

More famished children! Look, they're turning into savages, eating their own cuzzies!

There, that would be your first glimpse of birthday boy, Uncle Bear, (second from left), the angmoh in blue is his friend from the UK, Steven, Mr. Sun-Shiney Yellow is my uncle, and last but not least, the only man who posed for the camera, DADDY! =D

And when I finally got the attention of the 3 other gentlemen who's too busy having man-talk, daddy shied away from the camera. Aiyo, the adults themselves are so disobedient, how can they expect us to be perfect all the time?

My appetizer, lovely lovely SALMON... cold, raw, and fresh, just the way I like it! Yumm...

People happy with their food. That's my GranPa in blue checks, Aunt Gabrielle, and again, Steven who's just adorable with his I-don't-eat-raw policy. Look, it's written all over his face. Lol.

Just look at the amount of food I chowed down that night. Damn, my skirt went from slightly loose to tight! I'm SUCH a sucker for food...

The birthday boy was ambushed by the restaurant staff with the birthday cake, and our totally out of tune rendition of Happy Birthday! =)

A lovely, mouthwatering birthday cake! Great, just what I need to burst my skirt with.

Group photo with our beloved Uncle Bear! And my cuzzies...with flash.

In another pose, without flash. I can't decide. Both looks uber good on my camera *smug*

Next up, Auntie Gabrielle is our honoured photographer for the next few shots. Ahem, gorgeous lamp-dedicated shots.
Note: The infamous Tiong-family trait follows.

Aunt said the lamp creates a wonderful effect on the wall, and it would make a great shot. I was told to take a photo next to it. This is the effect with flash. I didn't like it, I look horribly pale and sickly, even in my beige and white outfit. She didn't like it either, because the light effect wasn't obvious.

It didn't take me long to realise that the subject in her shot wasn't me, but the lamp. Haha, go ahead and laugh. I disabled the flash for her, just so she could take another shot of the lamp she love so much. I wonder if I can buy it from the restaurant for her birthday, since she loves it so much.

Introducing my 13 year old cuzzie, Wei Ter. He's got a good future ahead of him, he's a promosing poser *winkz*

Mischievious 7 year old William, and my bro. More high potential posers.

Demure 14 year old Suet Tyng, looking good in the light.

11 year old Suet Wei is a sister of Suet Tyng. She decided not to be left out from a shot with the now famous lamp as well =)

My sister Suet Mun also wants a piece of the glow and glamour! Alright, by now, you would've noticed that we're all crazy about this lamp. I believe that you're more than convinced that POSING RUNS IN THE FAMILY. We're all born posers, and not afraid to flaunt it =P

Enough of the lamp, even Mr. Rascal-William's got tired of it. Let us all soothe our eyes on the lovely sight of a 7 year old who has just lost his two front teeth. Aww, so cute right... Ever wondered why the two of them alway fall out at the same time?

Just testing my self-capturing skills. Not too bad huh? It's perfect for a wallpaper. Oh, lemme introduce you to our very own Mr. Lee Kuan Yew! Malaysian version of course. NO, I'm not kidding ya, that IS his real name, and he's 21 this year, and not a retired S'porean PM.

After the dinner, and posing warm up session, everyone's a full fledged camwhore!

See? No joke.


Flash-free reflection. I apologise for the bad quality. Despite editting, this is brightest I could get.

Another disappointing flash-free shot. So nice, yet wasted. I want the PhotoShop software!

The "Bloated" "Charmed" Ones.

"I don't really wanna kiss her, I'm just pretending"
"I knew she's not really gonna kiss me, she already has her eyes on someone else"

Chair says: "I'm crumbling under the weight ... So long, world!"

"Oh, I think I see a hot-hot-hottie over there"
"Pee-ka-boo, you can't see me, but I can see you!"

This should be about it. I believe there's enough poser pictures for all in one day. For my cuzzies, double click to enlarge image and right click to save. Please send this link to Uncle Bear too, I don't have his latest email. Thanks!

Next update: Karaoke session at RedBox, The Curve.

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