Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wai Ken's Birthday!

Today we celebrate...
WaiKen's 20th birthday.

Blackforest cake from Ms.READ's Delicious cafe @ One Utama.
Don't you underestimate this lil piece of thingy, apparently it tastes way good!
Happy birthday buddy... You're the lamest, most BOA-obsessed, most fitness conscious, Manchester United fan to me.
The above was said in full fondness.

We love you, we really do.
L-R: Carolyn, Sheryl, Jessy, Eli, Me, and who else in the middle?

I hope you find your prezzie useful. When I have the money I get you a ticket to a MU game ya.

Savoury "Problematic Chicken" aka Ayam Masala.
Oh gosh, that masala sent me straight to heaven okay?
And thanks for the dinner AND supper that night at Steven's Corner. Though it's just simple mamak food, I reckon it's 5-star mamak food, and we had such splendid time together. Of course we did, we ate up a bill of >Rm 200, but they were nice to give you a discount, hahaha. Can you imagine? Just the 11 of us, and cheap mamak food, came up to such a crazy sum. So you all should think twice whether to treat us who has a forever-famished appettite.
Full account on WaiKen's birthday on his blog.

After that 30+ drinks or so, (I think we made Steven's Corner run out of cups), we headed down to Asia Cafe, Subang Jaya for the UEFA Champions League Final!
AC Milan vs Liverpool
The place was overcrowded by 2am. Thank goodness we came early, not only did we get parking, we also managed a table and a chair! I think the Subang Jaya Liverpool Fan Club was there or something, the atmosphere building up prior to the match was simply amazing. There were people in team jerseys everywhere, and flags too!

Why are we so many hours ahead of Greece? Damn, we waited till 3am in the morning to watch. Thank you so much dear, for staying up and taking me out for the match, eventhough Arsenal's not playing. I love you!
But alas, AC Milan triumped over Liverpool with a score of 2-1, amidst an eruption of celebration amongst Milan fans in the premise. I was devastated to the max. Boohoo... Ahh, screw it. Better go sleep and get over Liverpool's defeat.

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