Monday, April 28, 2008

Nuffnang & Megan Fox

Here's to test your alertness. I know a lot of us have been studying, hard and late for the Exams (can't help sighing everytime I say it, so, SIGH) Sometimes, it's no point forcing stuff into that poor grey slab of neurons, when it's already overclocked. Especially when you don't pay it OT, by extra sleeping hours. See how stingy and torturous we are?

If you fail to answer the question below, I suggest you please go sleep. It shows when your brain is no longer productive, but in a destructive mode.

Look around my blog. Notice anything new?
(At this point, I suspect you must be dying to kill me for being so lame. Expected an IQ question didn't cha?)

A new Nuffnang unit on the sidebar.

Actually the main reason that I have it on is because I want to try my hand at this Malaysian Dreamgirl Blog Contest. After all those episodes and voting, I reckon it's time for Malaysian Dreamgirl to pay me back with a sweet prize of some sort. Muahahahaha, just kidding. The episodes were good fun. Thing is, to enter, I have to join Nuffnang. Great gimmick. Give you credit for that Nuffnang.

So yeah, won't bother to remove it already. If I can also earn something, even if it's just a few cents. I promise, promise and promise that it will go into my new "Fats Investment Fund (FIF), the fund to fatten", which will only be spent purely on FOOD and nothing else. Wah, sounds to nice yeah. *proud* Currently at 160 cm, and weighing 40 kilograms, I'm terribly UNDERWEIGHT, and also lacking in fat storage at the, ahem, strategic parts of my body. Anyway, my mom also said it'd be good if I can put on some insulation before I freeze to death in the UK. That means, the FIF will not only make me happy, but also Fluffy and my mom. =D Killing 2 birds with one stone.

The final say is, visit my blog more often yeah. You will get good karma for this is a charitable deed. Wakakakaka....


Guess who made it to the top spot in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2008. Guys (and Fluffy)... Feast your eyes.

Megan Fox, actress, 22
Lead female in Steven Speilberg's hit movie, Transformers

That is, IF you don't already have it saved securely in your hard drive under the Hot Chicks folder. Don't think that I don't know. Guys are so predictable. Doesn't take a genius to know hor. I think it was a deserving accolade for this young actress. Even while I was watching Transformers, I thought to myself "gosh, she's really quite hot". He didn't know, but at the same time, I checked on Fluffy to see whether he was salivating. Insecure mah.

Nothing surprising on the list though. Except that I thought Hilary Duff is scarily skeletal looking, not a deserving #7. Oh and how on earth did Britney Spears just made the cut to #100! Guys are so weird, as long as there's a pair of Maggi-Mee-Bowl sized boobies hanging on the girls chest, they think they're hot. Chinese-rice-bowl sized boobies are not. Check full list here on the FHM official website.

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