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Malaysian Dreamgirl

I told you I would. *gives you the most annoying I-told-you-so look*

The only 2 loyal fans (that I know of so far) in Semenyih, both me and Lilian. And she has been my most awesome companion for MDG gossip, often having both of us ending up in stitches. Here's a team up on our favourite online reality model search! Lilian's words will be in Purple.

That's precisely how close she goes to scrutinise each and every contestant. You'll be impressed by her attention to detail, hehehe! The girls should be scared, very scared.

Adeline | Cindy | Hanis
They look terrified of Lilian already =D
I'll let her do the customary intro on the trio. (oooh it rhymes)

There's the still so blur Adeline who suddenly evolved into a Amber Chia-ish Paris Hilton wannabe on the Escada commercial, then there’s the “I’m sooo sexy” Cindy who turned into the “My name is Cindy not Cinderella” b*tch who is most probably winning only by her families constant voting of the made famous by her Rm16k theory.... and the current favourite Datin Hanis “the manis” who from “i dunnola” to the next possible MDG winner due to popularity and lack of choices.

We both think that none of the Top 12 is Malaysian Dreamgirl material at all. Possibly it's because Kenny Sia is part of the judging panel. Anyhow, since they're in, I think there should be subsidiary titles available just like Miss World, so everyone doesn't go home empty handed, as Loser-of-the-Week.

Malaysian Dream Bitch - Cindy

Malaysian Dream Blur - Adeline

Malaysian Dream Datin - Hanis

Malaysian Dream Attention Whore- Fiqa

Malaysian Trying Too Hard - Nadia

Malaysian's Unfortunate Dream - Jay

Malaysian's Boring Dream - Ringo

There, give it up for the 7 subsidiary title winners! *Cue: Applause* And since Lilian's such a big fan of Adeline, she's up first for our Dream Panel of Judges: Lilian and Myself.

Adeline Lee (or "Adelian")

All these while Adeline had been my favourite on the show. She is perhaps the most clueless, blur-est, lost and real girl on the show. She never fails to say whats on her mind(unless when she can’t put them in english lah).... and her English really improved. It’s a pity her qualities have never been shown on the pictures she takes but I can say she looks good on video.

Adeline to me is very very adorable. While she does seem to be innocent and unpretentious, she also comes across as the classic bimbo that everyone finds very entertaining. Like Lilian, who cannot wait to hear the next hilarious thing that comes from Adeline. Not very bright, and not very expressive, it's probably the reason why she managed to get this far as the other contestants have never seen her as a real threat. Picture wise, well, she has a pretty smile. Why oh why the same frown that says "YOU ATE MY SUSI" in every picture. Even after so many weeks, she still feels as fresh and raw to the modelling business like "susi".

Favourite Quote:
Deeper than Ocean,Higher than Mountain. I like to eat susi.
No hair no life!

Current Standing to Win:

There's a possibility of Chinese voting because they think she’s the next Amber Chia and Hanis have so much supporters already. I myself donated RM1 to Adeline as a sign of support and even though it wouldn’t make much difference, I see it as a sign of support for someone who is still so pure and real even when there’s like all the drama happening. The funny thing is, she even tries to not bitch back and escape from Cindy....and Cindy thinks she’s guilty.... oh well, she doesn’t really fit in these cat fighting reality shows.

I don't see any real chance of Adeline winning. Her fan base is very much restricted to Chinese voters, Sushi Bar owners and bakery lovers. In addition, she has not received much camera attention because, sadly and gladly, she wasn't bitching much.

Future beyond MDG:

If she ever wins MDG, I’d think she’ll most likely be absorbed into the Chinese Entertainment business as I see the lack of such talents in the Chinese market now. Its not about her being an Amber Chia replacement (she will never reach that level) but i see her as a fine unpolished stone that might turn into crystal(not diamond) because she is still a little too green and naive for the entertainment scene.

I wont be surprise seeing her advertising some stuff on TV in different languages as i see with practice and proper guidance, she can be big in a commercial way but not the Amber Chia way where everyone knows who Amber Chia is (wether in a good or bad way i don’t know *wink*) .

Perhaps you’ll see her in small roles in those NTV7 Chinese series....who knows right? She might flourish. But she’ll need to enrol in some acting classes and improve her intonation and also brainwashed that not all roles are sad until need to cry one....lol.

If she wins MDG, Genki Sushi, Sushi King Sushi Groove, and other sushi bars in One Utama would be the first to invite her in for a celebratory feast, and then sneaking a contract onto a plate before serving. Not to forget there's also Rotiboy too. Lol. Andrew's prediction will probably come true, she's be endorsing in the Chinese media. Unless she improves her English, she wont go very far. But dabbling in the Chinese Entertainment Industry will probably keep her in the limelight to not let her go to waste as yesterday's stale news. However, the entertainment industry is sneaky. With her innocence and less aggressive attitude towards modelling, she will be devoured whole. Don't think she will survive the catty world out there well.

Lilian's advice For her (win or don’t win):

If she boosts up her confidence and improve her English, I’d say she’ll be a good candidate to host travel programs or those programs that bring people to new Night Spots or even spas as she really can bring out the fun feeling. I’d say she’s safe to venture into commercials but not that effective in the acting part yet. But please don’t be like Amber Chia who graces way too many commercials till i can’t relate her face to any specific brand she advertises.

Cindy Tey

She is the perfect candidate for any reality series. She brings out the best and the worst of reality series. She is outspoken of everything she thinks(even bitchy most of the times) and she doesn’t give a damn on what or where she is saying all these which is good for any reality series(ok, perhaps its good drama for the audience but bad for her image) The bad is that she picks up the smallest of things to bitch about and she gave way to her acting way too early....perhaps she was too tired to act nice and good which now makes her labelled with the tag BITCH.

It's obvious that Cindy is come spoilt rich brat who's in love with only herself. A renowned complain queen, she never fails to express herself with full emotions, messily disguised with a fake high pitched accent. Who is she trying to kid? The list of her annoying flaws can go on forever but I bet everyone else has done that bit for me already. She's not modelling material in my opinion. Definitely not tall enough for the runway, not pretty enough (what my friends like to call Face Problem) for advertisements, and not PR friendly enough for endorsements. All she's good for is wasting her daddy's Rm16k. Lol. Frankly, the only good thing I have to say about her is that she does want this modelling thing to work, BADLY. And she'll do anything to get what she wants.

Favourite Quote:
My name is Cindy, not Cinderella.
Are you gonna tell the press I washed the dishes?

Current Standing to Win:

Her chances are perhaps 50% if her Rm 16k theory worked (since voting is over), and Hanis's parents + supporters only have Rm 15k altogether to spare, then she will win a Latio for Rm 16k + the tag BITCH for as long as people hear her voice and remember MDG. Perhaps it'd be good publicity for Cindy and MDG, but I do hope she prays that no one will boo her off stage at 1U. Oh... and her DAD might even have more supporters than her now... even Kenny Sia wants his autograph.

She'll probably win, because apparently "Bapak dia KAYA", and Cindy here has a father who's as good as having a Fairy Godmother to make things happen. The Haters might be rooting for her, because if she wins, there will be plenty of juicy remarks to write. Bimbo lovers, birds of Cindy's feather and Cindy's aunties and uncles who wants bragging rights is expected to vote for her.

Future beyond MDG:

I’d say she will be a successful entertainer as she’s got the “couldn’t care less” attitude that will bring entertainers far. She will enjoy the publicity definitely and perhaps she’ll be the only one from the show who will successfully use the publicity after the win to advance herself successfully. She’s a great candidate as a host for perhaps a talk shows as she can comment and complain anything she wants on her own rights. Perhaps she might be the next oprah of Malaysia....we’ll never know. Her advantage is that she’s multilingual (fake accents don’t count) , that would help alot if she were to host events and perhaps her dad can even fund her by creating the very first reality Talk Show online hosted by her and her alone.

As for commercials, I do hope her bitchy image wont hinder her from getting good commercials to work in, as she is now officially stereotyped as the bitch and it might bring publicity for the product but will fail badly in sales if there’s people boycotting the product just because of her.

Acting is another place she can head to. I can imagine her as the most successful export from MDG as she really showed her acting skills in MDG. I don't see any roles she cannot act as she had already shown how she can act innocent, snobbish, bitchy, sarcastic and also fake. I can safely say she fits into the entertainment industry really well, but perhaps not a good candidate for winning MDG.

I cringe at the thought of her as the Malaysian Dreamgirl. What would foreigners think of us, thank goodness this crowning is way after Visit Malaysia Year, or else we can expect a drop in the tourism industry. If she wins solely by support of a mere RICH few, there's really no point modelling after her win isn't it? The public hates her, and doesn't really think she's capable (agencies and designers), I personally don't see how her presence is going to benefit any product, or advertisement. Perhaps, as said by Lilian she would make it into the entertainment industry as the Bitch Next Door. Since everyone views her in that light already, I'm sure they'll relate to her bitchy/antagonist roles well.

Datin Hanis

The youngest of the lot who probably doesn’t even know how she lasted so long n the show. ( I don’t know why she lasted that long either) I wouldn’t say she’s the most naive one in the show as I could see signs that she might be the one that is quiet but actually have many things up her sleeves kind. I wouldn’t say she’s got the models characteristics either, I find her facial expression annoying....perhaps her pouting from her braces is the cause of it. I don’t really think she looks good in pictures....just the girl next door, not my choice for model material. But she’s perhaps the only one who is worthy of winning this competition.

This is the part where I beg to differ from Lilian's ideas. Hanis has a hint of model characteristic in her, and I like her braces-defying pout. Although it does get a little boring because a pout is all we see. Naturally slender, yet lively and energetic her body is effortlessly modelling material. On screen, she comes across as girlish, amiable, albeit too manja for my liking. She will grow out of it me thinks. I like her photos, especially the last few ones where I can potentially see a model in the pictures. On the runway, she looks extremely nervous, but she's young, like cement that you mould before it dries hard.

Favourite Quote:
None actually....didn’t really bother what she had to say.

My ying ying. Bapak dia KAYA.

Current Standing to Win:

I would put it as 60% if everyone voted for someone they think worthy of winning and they hate Cindy to guts that they rather vote for Hanis or Adeline. I do hope her support from her fans won’t kill the votes coz from forums and face book you can see the amount of people supporting her and that might cause a backlash as it often happens to voting shows when they keep thinking “that person sure will win onela so no need vote so muchla” which is just like our GE08....look what happened. Perhaps the only person in the show that people genuinely wants to see win the title of MDG.

Oh yeah, I see good stars ahead for Hanis. And there are many reasons for that, Andrew, modelling agencies, designers, the Malay community, and bitch-haters will be all behind the "Rm15k force". Win or lose, Hanis will have alot more going for her.

Future beyond MDG:

Perhaps she is the hardest to predict on what she might be able to do if she wins it as it might come out the same even if she doesn’t win the title. I don’t think she can fully utilise her win coz as a Muslim, there are many things you can and can’t do in the entertainment industry.

I would see her as another new faced actress in some malay sitcom with some cute Indonesian actors in it on TV3 (Diary Datin Younger version?) or doing a silky girl commercial on TV. I’d say she’s still a little too young for the entertainment industry as she seems like the “manja” type and perhaps she’s a little lost. Perhaps photoshoots for magazines would be good for her as she seem to excel in that category compared to the other contestants. But how many magazines can u grace in Malaysia?

Maybe she might be the only one suitable for catwalk modelling and maybe she might be the first Malay supermodel if an only if the support from her Muslim community is open enough to accept scantily dressed Malays on the runway. I don’t think she’s suitable for hosting as she comes to me as a little too timid and shy. Everything might be different after more experience in the industry....we’ll have to wait and see.

Personally, I think Hanis will be the most versatile of the lot. However, her career will have to be managed very very carefully. I don't see why Hanis can't cross the invisible race border to extend her wings. As of now, it's easily to tell that she has a wide fan base consisting of people from all walks of life. And with her exotic features, she can go international, but that'll take quite a long time.

Adeline wants to win because she is top 3 and until now just wants to see if she can win anot. Also to show Cindy that last minute bitching about Adeline taking half a cup of Milo ain't gonna take her down.

Cindy wants to win coz she can brag about it nonstop and coz she spent so much money that she could have spent the same amount to buy a better car than a Nissan Latio. And use it as an excuse to appear on the morning show with JP, hehe.

Hanis wants to win it coz her mother would be so proud of her and can brag about it when her mom goes for the next datin dinner. Oh, not to mention she'll be the next Suki. At least when she wins, all that support from her boyfriend will not be for nought.

Love it, Hate it, Malaysian Dreamgirl, a relatively small production, has garnered popularity and attention, criticisms and compliments, more than its small production team can ever imagine. The results are coming out soon, and I believe haters, fans, and busybodies alike are very anxious and curious to know the outcome. Especially the haters. Yes the haters. Because when the winner is announced, they will then have another topic to b*tch about, like how the quality sucks, how awful the new Dreamgirl is...etc. You get my drift. They love to have something to hate, it's their way of life.

Credits to Lilian who generously contributed to this wrap up review.

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CHARIS said...

He he...very valid comments, kudos to you both! I think that the producers will market the 3 finalist together for any future publicity events, so as the mellow down the bitter taste of the results. At least they were smart enough to forsee this happening before the results and stretched the winning price to the final 3. So its really Malaysian Dreamgirls, instead of just one Malaysian Dreamgirl...you'll see...they're gonna make public appearances in threes from now on!