Friday, May 02, 2008

Studying too much

You know when you're studying too much when...

MDG Top 3 : Adeline, Cindy, Hanis = ACh= AcetylCholine

Dump = dUMP = deoxyUridine MonoPhosphate

BF = Blood Flow

MR = Manufacturing Record

I'm talking "geek", AHHHhhhhhh.... *pulls hair*

You're furiously drinking tea to stay up solely because you extracted more caffeine from tea rather than coffee in one of your lab experiments.

You call the British National Formulary 52 (BNF 52) "The Bible".

Images of penises turn you off because you automatically get redirected to Wolffian Ducts, Testosterones, PDE-5 inhibitors.

You feel extremely depressed when revising Antidepressants.

You no longer sleep to Mozart but to Dr. Wilson's Reproduction audio lectures.

When you slam the car door on your finger by accident because you fell asleep during the 10 minute ride to lunch.

The first thing you think about after the accident on your right hand, forefinger, is how are you going to write for exams.

When you shat twice in the morning due to nervousness before your first exam.

You wake up suddenly at 8am, and the first thing you say is "Exam is tomorrow."

I'm done for.

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