Monday, May 12, 2008

Items for sale!


(cheh, ala Kenny Sia or Xiaxue like that =P)
Since I have a paper tomorrow, I shall make this post short and sweet.


Single-sized Wooden Bed, Rm 60 *SOLD*
Why ?
Because this is freaking CHEAP! You'll just be using it for a few years, then you will probably be the one re-selling it. It may not be the prettiest bed there is, but who cares. As long as it's cheap and you can sleep on it. You may question its sturdiness, but let me assure you this, if Bernard Lau can sleep on it for a whole year, anyone can.

Wooden Study Table, Rm 120 *SOLD*
Why ?
4 feet long, 2 feet wide, perfect for small rooms, leaving ample space for everything else. Comes with 3 drawers, all locked together when the top drawer is locked. It's mega convenient because then you wouldn't need to have a dozen of keys to keep, and you lock all 3 drawers in one go.

See? It's still very shiny and gorgeous, with no stain marks =)
Plus, it's not wobbly or anything.

Portable Wardrobe in Gray Green, Rm 30 *SOLD*
Why ?
Sturdy, and actually can create a lot more space than you can imagine. If you know how to work your way around it. Used by a girl for a wardrobe, you can rely on its space. Plus, it's light, breathable, suitable for people who like to move stuff around every now and then for feng shui purposes.

Pensonic Shower Heater with Pressure Pump, Rm 280
Why ?
You can't find another shower heater with this price. Unless it's like multiple years old or something. Another reason why you should get this is because, NO uninstallation charge is involved!

Other Items:

Square Tables, Rm 25
(1 x Plastic, 1 x Wooden)

Last but not least, various Pharmacy books for Year 2 in EXCELLENT condition, without pencil/highlighter marks. Original and not-so-original. *AHEM* (contact me for titles and copies available.)

All items are strictly FIRST HAND, in good condition and used for less than a year. More details, or viewings of the actual item are available upon request. By the way, I stay in Sunway Semenyih Phase 6, give me a ring if you want to view the items. Also I'm moving out on the 15th (Thursday), so I hope to get everything out by then. For anyone who's interested, please contact me, Suet Ling at, call 019-2509298. Prices are negotiable.

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