Thursday, May 29, 2008


It's official now. I've just collected my UK visa >>> IT WAS APPROVED!!!
*jumps so high I knocked a bird off course*
All that's left is my results, coming to haunt me, June 15th.

I shall now disclose all the details of my journey.

Yeah, like so cheap hor... MYR 1,499.00 (tax included) for Malaysia Airlines, Direct Flight to Heathrow Airport in London from KLIA. Economy Class of course, doink. I'm only going to say this once, I'll be leaving Malaysia on...

Thursday, 19th June 2008, 10:05 AM

Whoever forgets, well, don't get a souvenir, hmph! Hehe, be warned that I will not come back until May 2010. So don't dump me an urgent + lengthy shopping list, unless you can wait 2 years for it or you're willing to pay for courier costs. Better still, buy me an air ticket back!!! Teeheehee... From Heathrow, I will head to my Uncle Bear's place in London for the night. The following day I will head to Nottinghamshire to stalk Seetho's leng chai lecturer Dr.Mike Johnson, and preview the university, hehehe. After that I will head down to Ledbury, Herefordshire which is my official workplace over Summer. Wish The-Girl-With-No-Sense-Of-Direction lotsa luck =D

I know many out there have yet to get their VISA done. So I present to you...

Top 10 tips to your VISA application.

1) Start preparing for your VISA at least 2 weeks before you plan to submit.
Avoid the July - September peak periods.
Once "O" and "A" levels results are released, the VFS office will be jam packed. According to my aunt, she had to wait till 5pm to get it done. Also, it can take a long time for you to find out 15 pages worth of information to fill the forms with. It takes EVEN LONGER for some to dig out his offer letter and other abandoned/lost documents. Ahem ahem.

2) Download the form AND the guidelines AND the checklist.
This form is no joke, and you WILL need the guidelines to tell you exactly what information to give, for every single question. Trust me, the guidelines are much more useful than you can imagine. Download it here.

3) Take your time to fill it. Prepare the required documents as you go along.
Fill everything carefully, in a BLUE or BLACK pen only. If you refer to the guidelines, they will require extra documentation to prove your answer. Preparing documents by question makes sure you don't miss out any single document. You know lah, they are so strict. One of my friend's application (name not disclosed) got rejected recently. Be reminded that you will need all your previous passports as well.

4) Remember the Photo Specifications, and Copies of documents.
Yes, it's a different kind of passport photo we're talking about. You only need one picture with a white background, with specific dimensions stated on Page 1 of your application form. At the same time, prepare a copy of ALL the documents you're submitting. For passports, photocopy the profile page.

5) Get your Bank Draft Rm 664.00 ready 1 WORKING DAY BEFORE SUBMISSION.
For Alliance Bank account holders, you can do it at Wisma MCA ground floor. For other banks, please do it at your respective banks, or Maybank. They will require your bank draft to be one working day old.

6) Find out where is the VFS office, or get directions ready.
Wisma MCA on Jalan Ampang. Near the Ampang Park LRT station. If this doesn't ring any bell, let me put it this way, same road as Zouk. Traffic is an absolute nightmare before 10am.

7) Reach the office before 11 am.
Optimally, reach by 10am. That way you don't have to wait longer than 20 minutes for submission. But since traffic is horrible, before 11 am is fine. If you leave the building within 30 minutes, parking only costs Rm 1.50. Within one hour, parking costs Rm 2.50. You can visit Ong Ka Ting's office on the 9th floor if you have time.

8) Don't bring bags/ mp3/ metals/ parents.
Read the website. These items and any other battery operated devices are forbidden inside. Worried about a rejected applicant bombing the office perhaps. Probably also because the US Visa Office is right next door, hehehehe... Parents are prohibited accessories and are not allowed inside as well unless you're under 16. Turn off your handphone, and get ready to be checked like you robbed a bank.

9) Look your best! No hand creams.
There will be an impromptu photo taking session, and a finger print taking session. You're advised not to expect mirrors and grooming time. You are warned.

10) Keep your receipt. Check application online.
Make sure that you get a receipt for your payment. You can check your application on under "Track Passport" My application took about 1 week. If you are called to collect your visa the day after submission, experience tells me it's rejected.

If you had read up to this point. Kudos for not falling asleep. There's a bonus tip for you!

11) There's this cute young Chinese dude. Remember to swoon at him.
A little something to make Visa submission sound more fun =)

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jeejing said...

well,welcome to uk!cant wait to see u here! if u r free come to birmingham and visit me ya. i will be here until the end of july and will be back after summer break :P