Friday, May 09, 2008

Pretty boy

As I'm writing this, I'm procrastinating on studying for my final paper, the Biopharmaceutics. *Groans* Why isn't it over yet? I'm suffering... in the land of no good food!!! Can't believe it's been 2 weeks that I've been deprived of my mom's cooking. *Smacks head* And pretty soon, I'll have to live without her cooking for 2 years... *CRY*

Okay, here's another reason to cry. I shan't say what first, but you'll have to read on. For the guys, you can cry: LENG LUI... Pheee-weet... Because... (see below)

... here's a beautiful chick, with large eyes, in a seductive pose.
Very pretty ya, bet you guys are charmed already.

The girl we're talking about is in a white blouse on the left.
Just look at that sweet smile, doesn't it just melt your heart?

Isn't she, like, the prettiest girl you've ever seen, so demure, so feminine...
"Don't cha wish ya girlfriend was hot like she... Oooww"

with a sweet dash of cuteness...!

Vital Stats: 33-24-36
At this point, I bet you guys are drooling up there and down there, dying to know who this beautiful girl is. Wondering if she's a porn star, ready to google her name, clearing space on your drives, ready to save and download anything about her that stimulates your perverted mind.

Well I might as well just tell you after all that teasing.
With a ideal height of 171cm, and a ideal weight of 48kg. Gosh. Your perfect dreamgirl huh? Beats Cindy Tey anytime. She is... *drumroll please* Nong Poy of Thailand: Miss Tiffany 2004, Miss International Queen 2004! More pictures as eye candy below!

Noticed anything wrong yet?

Not yet?
Hint: Miss Lady Boy???

Sigh, ladies and gentlemen. This beautiful pictures that you have just witnessed is none other than a biological MALE! Yes, you've read it right, she's actually a HE. Born MALE. Who surgically removed his penis and balls to be declared a woman. Only that, she is still biologically carrying the XY chromosomes in her body. If you scroll back up to the bikini picture, scrutinize at the panties for a bit, you might just be able to tell where the genitals were cut off.
Did you just scroll up and check. You PERVERT! Nah, I'm kidding really. Just want to gross everyone out by making them stare at the site where balls use to hang. I'm sorry if your little brother just went from 12 o'clock to 6 o'clock. No vagina here, only a freaking male ass hole.

Can't tell? Me too. Betcha feeling extremely disgusted right now for feeling horny at a MAN!!! A freaking transexual, a she-male! Bwahahahahaha... Don't worry, you're not the only one who's upset. I am too. I feel like a failure of a girl. Even a MAN, a MAN, can do a better job being a girl. Booohooohooo......

This is probably the most feminine photo I have of myself. Sacrificed as an object for comparison.

Huge eyes? No.
Gorgeous mane? No.
Glowing Complexion? No.
Size 33 Boobies? No.
At least 171cm in height? No.

I'm a sad case. Perhaps the only good thing I can be proud of is... that I don't use to have a manhood hanging around. And that I do have a 24 inch waist. No, really I do, I'm not kidding you. Hahaha... Behold, the beauty of Plastic Surgery and Hormone Injections.

P/s: I don't know why exactly am I writing this. Probably just to get back at horny men. Imagine opening the Friendster Inbox, only to see some messages left by some horny guys, asking for one night stands / sex chat. Stupid horny guys I hope you get major irreversible, Viagra-immune, Erectile Dysfunction, or some STDs like Chlamydia or Gonorrhea the next time you fuck a woman. That's for disrespecting us! They think all the women in this world are so horny and desperate that they will fuck anyone who offers? So cheapskate somemore, doing it through Friendster! Even prostitutes get paid, anyone who willingly accepts the offer on Friendster is doing it free. DAMN.

Disclaimer: I have nothing against transexuals, it's just the thought of men getting turned on by transexuals, thinking that it's a women that is funny.


Kim Hock said...

you are beautiful,i love you

izzat said...

the conclusion is...
the plastic surgey now going everyone can turn their looks into the one they one..LOLS... =P

Kim Hock said...

please contact me..thanks :)