Saturday, May 17, 2008


The first weekend after my last paper, I decide to INDULGE myself in a Dessert Spree! Without the hefty price tag, of course. Yeah, I am that giam siap (stingy), even on special occasions like this. But no harm being thrifty aye? Guys like thrifty girls, because they won't spend their Ferrari Investment Fund away, instead being thrifty might also stretch their ringgit to greater lengths. And that's one of the reason why Fluffy love me so much, hor? hor? hor? Wah..... perasan sial. Consequences of good mood. Because I just had mood enhancers, from now on, I shall refer to them as Moodisiacs, derived from Aphrodisiacs =) Remember, this is new vocabulary on Ling-o-logy.

Total = Rm 20.40

With that kinda money, Fluffy and I had 6 scoops if New Zealand Natural ice-cream + 2 Power sized Juiceworks! Let me brag to you how cheap it is, and how I managed to get them at such a bargain. What's the use of landing a bargain when you don't get to take credit for it, huh?

New Zealand Natural

Forget Baskin Robbins and Haagen Daaz, we've all had it, and I'm getting bored (and broke). Here's another brand of ice-cream that you will learn to love. Everyone knows that NZ-landers have more ice-cream than anyone else in the world, and they're sneaking this culture into this part of the world with this franchise. From the Country of Dairy, NZN brings yummylicious New Zealand ice-cream to your Malaysian-ized taste buds. All this added with thumbs up from my personal Food Critic, Mr. Fluffy, who devoured 3 scoops heavenly ice creams to the last drop.

I just love the design, concept, and feel of the brand, heh heh.

Flavours we tried and our reviews:

Hokey Pokey
"Crunchy Butterscotch Balls, folded into creamy honeycomb-flavoured ice-cream."
Most interesting flavour yet, it is most fragrant and tastes rich, at the same time, very light in texture, 8/10 - Me
Mint Choc Kisses
"Chocolate peppermint cups with chocolate chips in a sea of mint ice-cream."
I say: see review below, 9/10 - Me
Green Tea
"A subtle green tea ice cream, infused with exotic flavours.
Not as fantastic as Movenpick's, but definitely smoother in texture and flavour, 6/10 - Me.
Choc Fudge Brownie
"Moist fudge brownie pieces with choc ripple, swirled through rich milk choc ice-cream."
It was very rich and smooth with loads of brownie crumbs, 8/10 -Fluffy
Cookies and Cream
"Crushed choclate cookies, dunked in creamy vanilla ice-cream."
Not the best there is, but still worth trying. taste very much like mcflurry oreos with more oreos. no biggie, 6/10 -Fluffy
Macadamia Supreme
"Creamy macadamia ice-cream with roasted Australian macadamia nuts."
It turned out quite well as well, a light butterscotch taste, with lots of nuts. 7/10 -Fluffy

We thought it was smooth, light and flavourful! After 3 scoops each, we weren't feeling jelat like when we had too much Secret Recipe cheesecakes. I still feel nauseous to this date every time I see cheesecakes, I had one too many cheesecakes last September-October *tongue out* They have the best Mint Chocolate Chip ice-cream, I SWEAR!

Look at the size of that chocolate! It's a freaking whole piece that you can chew on!

The moment it hit my tongue, the minty-ness exploded on my mouth like never before. Yes, not even Haagen Daz or Baskin Robbins nailed this flavour as fantastically as NZN. Best of all, it tastes nothing like toothpaste or chewing gum!

Yeah I know, I lost a lot of weight during exams. Fattening with ice-cream lo.

A scoop will typically set you back by Rm 6.50, 2 scoops go for Rm 9.50, and if you're feeling depressed, you can spare Rm 12.50 for 3 full scoops of yummy NZN ice-cream! For extreme cases like Semenyih-Overdose-Syndrome (SOS), you can opt to BUY 1 FREE 1 like me! FYI, Fluffy bought 3 scoops for Rm12.50, and got another 3 scoops absolutely FREE! That's like nearly Rm 2.10/scoop of luxurious high quality ice-cream! The best part is, it also applies to pints, quarts and other ice-cream products.

SMS: my111 newzealandnatural and send to 33365.
(each sms costs Rm3.50)
Flash this sms, and your gorgeous handphone at the staff, and then boss him to get you your favourite flavours! Remember to do this only when you are about to use it, because each sms has a validity of 1 week. Also, the next time you can use this mobile coupon for NZN mobile coupon is one year later. While waiting you can try out the same mobile coupon for Juiceworks!


As it that wasn't enough, we went for MORE! What can I say, I'm very determined to reap out all the freebies that the little orange book has to offer. I'm flying off in a month or so anyway, if i use all the vouchers now, I should be able to use them again when I come back, MUAHAHAHA..... Ahem. Ok, back to the topic. Juiceworks happened to be distributing some samples that time, it was so good, I just had to have it.

We tried the Fruity Blends category, where various juices are blended with Sorbet!

I had Waterworks.
Tropical Juice, Watermelon, Pineapple and Sorbet.
It was a sweet exotic concoction, I fell in love with it the moment I tried the sample. I just had to have more.
He had Lychee Paradise
Lychee, Mango, Strawberry, Lemon, Apple Juice and Sorbet.
Fluffy said, initially it was strange to taste, but it just gets better and better with every sip.

The mixtures are ingenius, plus, I think the price is rather reasonable. They serve the juice undiluted, and also with blended fibres/pulp! Good for easily constipated people like me. Juices come in Regular (350ml) or Power (500ml). Naturally, we Powered up our orders since we're taking advantage of the mobile voucher! Each Power sized costs Rm 7.50. Buy 1 Free 1 with the mobile voucher, and you get 2 Power Fruity Blends for only Rm 7.50! Yay us....!

SMS: my111 juiceworks and send to 33365.
(each sms costs Rm3.50)

Okay, enough about sms bargains. I have another great bargain to share with my girls. Taa-daa...!

The Body Shop is having a MEGA SALE!!! I was in the branch in The Curve, and whoa, it was overcrowded with bargain thirsty ladies like moi, and devastated looking men like husbands who are about to spend a whole lot of time and money.

All cosmetics are on 10% discount, while other popular items like Born Lippy, Body Butter, and most of other items are going at 30% off! Lotus perfume, Body Mists at 50% to 70% off! Wanted to buy the Oceanus Body Lotion for UK use, only Rm 39.90 for a 200 mL bottle, and BUY 1 FREE 1!!! OMG so worth it. But Fluffy says it's smelly, reminds him of the smell on old women. *HUGE SWEAT* So didn't buy. No wonder on discount, because nobody wants to buy.

Bought the Peach Body Butter 200 mL at Rm 42, instead of the usual Rm 60. I couldn't decide which flavour to get, Peach/ Papaya/ Strawberry/ Grapefruit, I like them all, so I made Fluffy decide! Heh heh, the usefulness of bringing the boyfriend along! Because when we groom ourselves, it's for their sake, no point something that they don't like right? Oh, and did I mention they're super useful for queuing the line while I continue browsing, or testing other products? Lol...

By the way, since I was so nice to share the bargains, bring me along and share with me ok. Call me, text me, anything! I'm ready 24/7.

P/s: Do remember to participate in my poll on the sidebar! I haven't given up hopes yet. More info on previous post.


Leo Raj said...

Ice creams......

*goes zombie*

i dun care. after my *last* paper on 22nd, i wanna run frm the exam hall and run to the bus stop to 1U!!!! wannaenjoy myself to max.

tension wei. in desperate needs of pats and TLC.


Carol said...

Macademia is my favourite flavour of New Zealand Natural! Glad it's one of your choice!*giggles*

I am one of the bargain thirsty lady that went to body shop and grabbed bargain blog says it all.