Saturday, May 24, 2008

84 year old erection

I'm back! Fatter, Heavier and Feeling tighter in my jeans, ooooh laa laa... Heh Heh Heh. I guess it does make one feel more bootylicious when you have some fats on your body =P I haven't weighed myself yet, but I sure hope to hit the 45kg mark. And I'll do that before I shit a few hundred grams of my body weight. If I ever do, I will share it with y'all...

Ipoh/Penang was awesome, we ate a lot, and then we ate some more. No bikinis and beaches for us. We were there solely for materialistic reasons, FOOD to satisfy the inner glutton. Between meals, we stopped chewing in awe of these sites.

Penang's 84 year old Erection

In the Red Light District of Penang, we found a dirty, yellow erection, that claimed to be erect since 1924. Must be the scantily clad prostitutes and trannies that keep frequenting it to keep the erection going. Any guesses on how long the erection can hold till it ejaculates?

The Eerie Mansion/Temple

I don't know why, but it gave me the creeps. All that architecture and decoration just reminded me of old school chinese horror movies. You know, those with white faced zombies, tongues sticking out of the mouth like red floppy tail, and their characteristic bounces. I always find it amusing why only chinese zombies solely depend on bouncing for mobility purposes, and that if you kiss them on the lips, the zombies freeze. Gross-ness extreme.

The Signboard of Irony

Stupid signboard.
As I'm taking this photo on the Penang Bridge, I'm in a stationary car. Stuck in a jam.
Does that mean every car of the bridge deserves a summon?

Other Random Photos

We unknowingly stayed in the middle of the Red Light District.
Slippery Senoritas is one of the clubs and bars that had the biggest crowd that Thurday night. To our disappointment, we saw a lot of La La Mei Mei-s, no slippery spanish senoritas.

The vending machine amongst the club/bar toilets.
Getting lucky tonight? Buy a condom for 4 x 50 cents!
Got turned down? Buy some tissue to wipe off the mess from your lonely masturbation.

Now the interesting part of this banner, is not that the girls remind me of trannies.
Notice the words in RED : Kedah State SECLETIONS.
I don't see how any of these girls are any Kedahan at all, so I had no idea how the line is RED is relevant to this poster. Perhaps the only right thing about this banner is wrong spelling of "SELECTIONS". A lack of intelligence often associated with those in the modelling industry, (though I may not agree with this all of the time), especially models clad in aluminium foil.

Sighting of a gorgeous Penang chunk of a hunk, and food generously recommended by our kind local tour guide of the day, Mr. Eric Tan himself.

Taking pictures through the car window because it was raining.
Sigh, the elements were preventing me from leaving the island. Sighting of a pharmacy owned by the most egoistic of pharmacists, and he's not afraid to show it.

And I shall end this entry with a tantalizing picture of the famous PENANG CHAR KWAY TEOW, which I had 2 plates for breakfast! Cue: Salivate!

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