Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Random Ramblings

It was supposed to be a beautiful Sunday morning, as if I was Maroon 5's Sunday Morning Music Video. Although, I did expect it to be bittersweet as the day progresses, as twas going to be a farewell Bak Kut Teh brunch for my gay pal Gary. I can handle bitter, sweet too, but then sour decided to join in the equation even before I could have brunch. It all happened when I saw this!!! Grrr...

Only up to 40% extra credit???!!! What the f*ck is this? There's must've been a printing error. I read it over and over again. It's real... *CRY CRY CRY* Gone were those times when I RELOAD Rm 100, FREE Rm 50. Now, it's only Free Rm 40 with every Rm 100 reload, tops. What's wrong with Celcom? I'm so sad and disappointed. Before long, I knew the reason why this happened.


She wasn't on any of Celcom's advertorials when we enjoyed the old GENEROUS rates... Since hiring Hannah Tan, whom I bet costs Celcom a bomb, Celcom can no longer afford to be as generous to their long time loyal customers who had stuck by them through thick and thin, like me. Celaka punye Hannah Tan. I will remember you for life. Now I cannot make as many calls/sms-es to my boyfriend. And it's all her fault. Tsk tsk, shame on you Hannah Tan. Bad karma for you. Hmph!

Close friends will know my distaste for Hannah Tan. She's overrated, looks like a transvestite (sometimes), and my boyfriend likes her. It's more than enough reasons to make me not like her. But these are just ramblings lah. I hate it when people mess with my expenses / money, but I'm not gonna flame her or anything on her Hannah T Club thingy. Purposely don't want to give her blog traffic, hmph! *Moment of high EQ* hehehe....

On another note, I spotted Sweeney Todd in Malaysia! See, see, see... Soundtrack lyrics provided to help relive the movie, Malaysian Style!

To shave-a da face, to cut-a da hair
Require a grace, require da flair;
For if-a you slip, you nick da skin,
You clip-a da chin, you rip-a da lip, a bit
Beyond-a repair!

To shave-a da face, or even a part
Without da smart, require the HEART~~
Not just-a da FLASH; it take-a PANACHE
It take-a da passion for da art!

More like, Sammy Todi. Heh Heh Heh.
(I would appreciate it if you could ignore that big fat thigh of mine)

Except that they don't kill their customers after shaving, if you can afford the Rm 10 ransom required to spare your life. Not only can they shave with 10 times more dexterity, but they can also shave without looking XD He may not sing like Johnny Depp, but our local Sweeneys make it up with the latest, hottest Bollywood music. The beats are so addictive that you will find your head tergeleng-geleng, with an unexplained urge to go hug a tree. Okay, continue singing my favourite song by The Borat Dude...

To shave-a da face, to trim-a da beard
To make-a da BRISTLE, clean like a WHISTLE
This is from early infancy, the talent give to ME~ by GOD…!

It take-a da skill! It take-a da BRAINS!
It take-a da WILL, to take-a da PAINS--!
It take-a da pace, it take-a da


The Davency Wedding Studio on Jalan Ipoh.
Sigh, things Malaysians come up with. Davency, derived from the word Da Vinci. You just have to lift your hats up to Malaysian Imagination. I will miss such Manglish humour when I go to the UK *sob sob*

We've had Sleepy Beauty, Beauty and the Beast.
Now Malaysia proudly presents, The Sleeping Beast.

This is like the FATTEST, LAZIEST security guard I have ever seen. Spotted in a bank, at the safe deposit box section. I'm not going to reveal which bank, or my parent's stuff is going to be robbed! My goodness, how can you have such a guard at the bank? I bet I can run faster than him without breakfast, let alone a robber. As if his size and him being totally fast asleep wasn't bad enough, HE SNORES!!! Serious, I sat there long enough to count an average of 1 loud snore every 5 seconds. *ROFL* The girl at the counter tried shouting to wake him, but he was in deep REM sleep lo, wasn't even aroused one bit. *huge sweat* That's it lah, I shall officially conclude that he CAN sleep, I mean snore through an entire robbery. Probably that's the bank's secret weapon, the robbers will ROFL at the sight of the guard until their knees go weak, then their evil plans to take over the world bank shall be foiled.

Thanks for tuning in people.

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