Friday, September 11, 2009

busy bee

I've got no internet connection available at home at the moment. Don't ask why. Losing my marbles due to Internet-less syndrome. Please don't tell Big Bird.

Quick updates:


If you spend > £50 on your first online transaction at, Tesco will knock £10 off your bill! All you need is the code: XX4GZF. Simple as that!

Perfect opportunity for you to order & stock up on the heavy stuff you don't want to carry, eg: Milk, Rice, Pasta, Canned food! My house ordered 6 kilos of pasta and 10 litres of milk, among others =.=" We will never die of starvation!

The fine print: Offer valid for deliveries on or before 13th September 2009 ONLY. HURRY! Does not apply to alcohol, infant formulas, blah, blah, but normal groceries are unaffected!

I've just got my deliveries yesterday, and it's the real deal. No catch involved.

I've been working, and will be working some more for the rest of next week. Hence this girl will be missing for quite awhile. Enjoy the peacefulness while you still can. My internet-less days have driven me to resort to newspapers, sudoku, and stupid thinking. The latest theory I'm enthused about: I work, I earn, I spend. Don't work, don't earn, won't spend. Yeah, so totally rocket science, I know.

Am extremely delighted to have met quite a number of really OLD friends over summer, like friends from 10 years ago (I'm so disgustingly OLD). The last I saw them was when they were pre-puberty, or having puberty. So nostalgic. Hahaha... I'm gonna max out my railcard this year for sure!

Funny how during summer, when everyone is supposedly gone, I still met SO MANY old and new people, also still drinking once a month minimum. Damn my liver is losing its lifespan. Must hold back with the drinking.

My new Trent Barton FRIO Record: 19 holes in 1! Try to break that =P I challenge you.

Looking for HOME SHOPPING KAKI! Ikea, Wilko, M&S, Hyperama anyone?! Call me, call me!

Okay, gotta go collect my cheque. Pa, Mee, I'm not dead don't worry. Growing fatter by the way.

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