Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Recorder Blues

Just earlier today, I was trying to find and work my lecture recorder again. Poor thing has not seen the light since my last lecture in May. The following is a conversation that took place, in my frustration.

Me/ L-bert

Me: I'm trying to persuade my recorder to turn 'on'

L-bert: rub it

Me: should show it some porn, wtf.

L-bert: rub it and lick it

Me: i'll try hitting. maybe this sick recorder is SM.

Oh my goodness, what have I become. So in the end all it needs is a big fat green battery, stuffed up its back. The End.

I need a break. Like I seriously need a break. The last week has been crazy hectic, classes with Freshers Fayre, shopping, Ikea, Manchester, London. Everyday has been draining. This week is more taxing still. Someone tell me when to stop.

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Chee Kuan said...

lol to d max