Monday, October 05, 2009

Irene's Farewell

Last Monday, we had a farewell for Irene, my housemate-in-law, complimentary resident at No.63A. Dinner at Hooters... kindly graced by EeHow who came to visit, all the way from Southampton, with his 7-hour flattened arse....

BigBird, EeHow, and myself.
It's been awhile since everyone ate together at the same table. Especially to get all 6 of my very busy housemates to have dinner, together! Good times =)

Myself and 2 housemate-in-laws.
Yeah, I'm living with very lucky boys. No one's gonna stay home and eat lonely-single-housemate dinner with me on Valentines Day T__T

The Jubilee Girls + 1 Uni.Park extra.

Also met up with Penny before she left for her Europe Trip @ The Mooch. Picked up my free pint of beer and wedges, compliments of The Student Discount Book =) Funny how I never bothered to enter our friendly uni bar before. It's actually quite comfortable.

Okay lah. By now you would have noticed that I can't be arsed to write about anything interesting. There's too many good and bad news, that I'd be in front of my computer forever if I tried to write. Allow me to get away with posting pictures of so many pretty girls XD

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:) hope u enjoy it ^^