Friday, October 16, 2009

Sick of being sick

I am SICK of being SICK. It's been 2 bloody weeks of pure torture.

Fontain du Mucous

Cough ala Phlegm

So glamorous indeed. I have made more wantons than a wanton mee seller me thinks. Hugging a tissue roll to bed is not how I intended to pass my chilly autumn nights.

But. I still managed to do this.

Oriental Party @ Gatecrasher

I'll admit that I put this up to remind myself how much belly I've lost to poor appetite, due to me being sick for over a week. At least something good came out of being sick --> Flat Abdomen =)

It was pity that I was too lazy to bring my own camera. Plenty of people did turn up, and I'm glad that some even remembered me from the Welcome Programme back in September. SinYew turned up! Eventhough I asked him the night before. He never imagined that he would be clubbing with me one day, from the day we shared the same classroom back in my coconut-shell-hair days in primary school.

Work is piling up, as I struggle to regain health. I freaked out when my throat swelled very badly that it hurt when I swallow water, my sputum was thick and green. I dragged myself to the healthcare centre to get myself looked up by the doctor, who later on happily declared that it wasn't swine flu and that I was free to go =.="

I felt worse than when I first stepped into the health centre. Doctors these days are not reassuring at all. No wonder they need pharmacists here.

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