Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cheap laptop anybody?

*** UPDATED below ***

Just very recently, 2 of my housemates were approached by dodgy men, offering a gorgeous Sony Vaio for £200, in Dunkirk.

Would you buy it?

A friend of mine hypothesized that if you paid, you might not get the laptop. Even if you did get the laptop, you might be beaten up later on further down the street, by the seller's "accomplice".

But let's just leave that issue aside for now. Assuming that's not going to happen. Would you buy a reduced price laptop from 2 dodgy men on the street?

Bargain hungry people.... YES??? It's your choice.

To me, I wouldn't. According to my friend's description, it looked like it was stolen. Most probably from another student, considering Dunkirk is such a student-dominated neighborhood.

If I bought this laptop, am I not giving these notorious criminals,

... a means for survive up till their next robbery?

... an encouragement to perform another robbery?

Someone out there, is without a laptop, lost all valuable data, unable to complete coursework, needing to fork out a few hundred quid for a new machine. Do you have the heart to buy this laptop and let these men get away happily from inflicting misery on another individual?

I can't.

As with the story I heard from yet another friend, who bought 2 (possibly stolen) iPhones for about 100 quid or so from some men on the street, were given empty boxes after handing over the cash. Karma is everywhere.

If you think about it, wouldn't it be quite stupid to buy such expensive gadgets without warranty, tech support, and receipts from a legitimate store? What if there is something wrong with it? You ain't getting any refund or free parts replacement, that's for sure.

Moral of the story, don't buy from dodgy men off the street! You don't know if YOUR laptop is the one they're selling off next.


On a completely unrelated note, YouTube video of the day!

Namewee fucks TNB!!! Watch & Favourite =)

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