Monday, October 19, 2009

Free Nandos 2009

To my fellow Nando's fans,

I wish to praise you for your good taste!
And GOOD FORTUNE !!! Get your Free Nando's 1/2 Chicken!

Here's how:

Click this link:

Enter your details, and answer a few random questions about yourself. And hey presto! You get you 1/2 chicken for FREE!

Things you need to note:

Try to do it where you have access to a printer, so you can print off the voucher immediately!
If you don't have access to one, save the page / the URL. So you can print in again, and again, and again =)

You can only get the free 1/2 chicken if you make a small purchase of:
- 1 bottomless soft drink
- 1 regular side dish
The total costs you slightly less than £ 4.00. But hey, you still get 1/2 chicken free!

Sadly, it is only valid from Monday- Thursdays. Don't try to go get your heart broken on a weekend okay?

Deadline for the promotion: 28th October 2009! So hurry!

Remember to bring your ID card!

Tip: Save the url for your voucher, so you can print it again, and take it to another Nandos for another Free 1/2 chicken!


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