Thursday, September 03, 2009

Ramadhan not an excuse for leniency

Is it just me? Or is every other Malaysian news sounding ridiculously absurd?


"Be lenient, it’s Ramadan, says salesgirl who stole undies"

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Before anyone judges me for being a racist or a religion discriminator, hear me out. You'll actually find me PRO-religion, somewhat.

Muslim young lady, has a decent job, no disabilities, or malnutrition. She stole multiple undergarments, among other clothes, that came up to nearly RM500 in retail price.

My argument:
One sentence sums it up.

For someone who commits such crimes, which I'm pretty sure are AGAINST the teachings of the religion, that person DOES NOT DESERVE to escape her crimes with the excuse of using a holy religious practice.

There are no excuses for lenient treatment. She is...
X elderly. She's 21 years old by the way.
X disabilities.
X unemployed.
X starving, else she would've stolen food.
X retarded. As a salesperson, she should know that theft is a crime.

Isn't it obvious that she did it out of PURE GREED, conveniently blamed it on peer influence, and then tried to manipulate the court to be lenient to her in the spirit of the holy month. How resourceful indeed.

In the news article, she claimed to be remorseful, and is willing to change. I say, BULLSHIT. She has not taken responsibility for her own actions, and that is why she blamed someone else for her wrongdoings. And for trying to escape her time in jail, she has also avoided punishment for her actions. She has gained the highest disrespect from me. Scum of the society, scum of her religion.

Not only has she embarrassed herself, but also others who share her religion. I have not gone through the Quran, but I'm positive that they do not encourage theft. Just because it's a holy occasion does not change the fact that it is STILL a crime, against religious teachings.

Shall we release all prisoners on Hari Raya then, just because they say "Maaf zahir dan batin"? The answer is no. Those who went against the religion, does not deserve to be saved by the religion. Only this will maintain the purity of the values of what the religion stands for. Hate people who make a fool out of their own religion.

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