Friday, September 17, 2010

Locum stock market

Today's experience with The Locum.

Our first encounter was when I picked up his call, telling him where to park his car.
That went okay.

He was smiley, and introduced himself, dressed real nicely. Young, fit, good looking... (ahem)
That went okay. I think I can work with him :)

All was good until he asked me which pharmacy school I was from.

Me: "I went to Nottingham." feeling real proud to say.
Him: "Ahh... I see"

short pause while we complete what we were doing.

Him:"Is that a new pharmacy school?"

IS THAT A NEW PHARMACY SCHOOL? You ignorant piece of LSOP brat.
Nottingham, The Land of Boots is THE TOP PHARMACY SCHOOL IN UK. And mind you, this dude is young, he was only Year 3 when I was in Year 1. He should know. His stock market just plunged deeper than Pamela Anderson's cleavages.

And no matter how he joked, and did 7 MURS within 3hours of work...
I could no longer be impressed. Most obnoxious one yet.

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