Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Hello Blog

I haven't blogged for almost half a month! I just realized. After HALF. A. MONTH.

Work is eating away at my life. Bit by bit. Gone were the late nights, crazy partying, drinking, etc. Everyday is all about work.

Today I was knackered! With 2 full time dispensers + 1 full time pharmacist away, I finding it hard to even go to the toilet at work. In fact today I got told off by the bus driver for pressing the stop bell too late. I couldn't have helped it. I was falling asleep on the bus out of fatigue.

My weekends though, have been eventful. If anything, TOO EVENTFUL for my own good. Even when I don't plan anything, plans appear out of nowhere and fall into place. It would have been great if I had more time and energy to enjoy myself.

There are month assignments to complete, training days to prepare for, interviews to plan, performance evidences to write, and studying to do... all that has to fit around a 39hours of work a week.

I am considering to revoke my social privileges for the sake of my prereg. At moment, I'm just about at my limit with work and social life. Either that or I haven't found the right rhythm around work yet.

Because at the end of the day. It will be worth it, I think. Whats one year of suffering compared with a pay rise in double by July 2011?

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