Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Trust issues

More thoughts.

Career vs. Social life.

They will probably disown me by the end of prereg if I dedicated my life entirely to prereg. But I simply cannot be greedy and have both? I have already given up on love life. Sacrifices has to be made for success. It is the theme in all the great success stories that we have heard.

Surely real friends will understand?

On another note. Death has been a recurring theme among the people around me. My bus ride thoughts have been flooded with questions about life and death, of the people I know, of me, etc.

I don't want to die while making a career at the expense of my social life. I'd rather die of alcohol overdose from partying real hard.

So what now?


shingyee said...

hang on to come back to party with us

miss talking to you!

阿葉 said...

您想創業嗎? 您滿意現在的收入嗎? 您滿意現在的工作環境嗎?
不需技術 不需囤貨 不需推銷 不需說服 不拉親友 絕對合法
一台電腦就搞定一切 100%在家工作 上班兼創業 家庭事業可兼顧
只要瑣碎時間就能經營 限時免費體驗報名中 要搶要快

Anonymous said...

i feel for you suet ling.

final year as well right ??

never hate studying so much until university.

best of luck, lets graduate

n then we shall party FFS !!!!

Adrian Lim