Saturday, September 30, 2006

Dragon Beard Biscuit

Gladness x 10000... till infinity!!

I survived my first 2 weeks in Nottingham, and managed to come home in one skinny piece. Sad to say I have lost quite abit of weight, albeit unwillingly, the food there is really, and I mean REALLY terrible. The more I eat, the worse it tastes. Fortunately enough, there's Ramly's Burger patties which are of standard quality! Also the chicken rice stall, which is understandably, overwhelmingly popular. One thing I dislike about that stall is that their chicken serving is so so small. Even my 10 year-old brother would complain.

I'm home now. Pinging on food every other hour. Also going out later for a birthday party. After being locked on campus grounds for nearly the entire week, I took the PLATINUM (more precious than golden ma...) opportunity to go out. We hit Jusco Metro Prima, and lingered among the departmental stores for abit. By the way, for all the girls out there, ITS SALES TIME! from 29/9 till I don't know, end of October? Better go early or all the great bargains/ common sizes will be all sold out by the time you had a chance to even see what's up for grabs. Yup, females are extremely competitive when it comes to the magical word 'SALE'. Its almost like when you hear that word, you can almost hear the Hallelujah chorus that comes with it.

This is when...

...they run fast, even if they're on their tallest heels.
...they start being nice to husbands/ boyfriends
...they empty their bank accounts
...they go on a credit card swiping spree
...banks and credit card salesmen come out at full force
...they stop being nice to fellow females, just because they grabbed the last piece of skirt.

and the list goes on. Teeheehee~

I decided not to wrestle with them and went the the central exhibition area. Bearing in mind that Mid-Autumn Festival's next friday, I held my breath as I charged past desperate looking Mooncake promoters, ignoring everything they say. I feel so bad doing it. It's rude and they're just trying to earn a living out of it. And yet, sometimes they can be pretty annoying. Besides, I don't want them to waste time trying to persuade me to purchase any of their products. I'm not a big fan of mooncakes, really. The only species I eat is of the "Ping Pei Lin Yong" variety. It means snow skin with lotus paste. Don't give me others, especially those with eggs. I will be forced to decline, and that'll be rude. Artificial flavouring, colouring, excessive sugar... Ugh, utterly disgusting! Like a passport to Diabetes, Kidney Stones, Obesity, and Cardiac Seizure.

Right at the end of the "Mooncake Parade", I see a small crowd. Surrendering to my busybody genes, I managed to squeeze over for a peek. I see a chef with their signature very tall white hat, making "Long Sou Peng", Dragon Beard Biscuit. You should take a look at the white dough-like thingy. It's finer than hair and mildly sweet. All handmade! Can you believe it? A man, standing in front of a large crowd of impressed audience, proving it right under their noses. I find it so superbly amazing I just couldn't resist recording it down so that I can share it with everybody.

There you go, shot with my trusty Sony Ericsson K610i, and it's 2mp camera. It's not perfect. You must understand that I'm no Ang Lee or Steven Speilberg, especially with evil aunties trying to get me out of their way by pushing every now and then. I stood my ground and refused to budge. But they never get that message, they just keep attempting to push me every minute. Don't they ever give up? Oh yeah, it's a little dizzy because I was kinda playing with the zooming function too, teeheehee. Believe it or not?!

*Sorry Mr.Ripley, borrow your signature line for one entry only.*

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