Monday, September 04, 2006

The Legal Age.

My florist days are now over. With one job down, I've only got one job left to handle. Heh heh, a little more income doesn't hurt. Although I have decided to devote half of September to preparing for hostel life, I can't say I completely drowned in those preparations. Because... because... I don't know what to prepare!

Thank God I have managed to complete my shopping before the Mega Sales ended. That means that my clothes shopping list is done. I have a separate shopping list to cancel out now. I need pails, SEVERAL of them! (for washing and soaking, you know the drill...) Probably brooms, mops, rags, bedsheets, and pillows too. Not forgetting clothes detergent, dishes detergent, cleaning detergent, shower gels, shampoos, cleansers, and ample supply of instant food and beverages, canned stuff as well as junk snacks! I never thought living somewhere else would be such a hassle!

My previous interpretation of moving in was just, bring your clothes and yourself, that's it! The more you think about it, the more complicated it seems. But, no~ everything in life has to be so complex. And complications drive me nuts. As if the nervousness is not pushing me onto the brink of depression / nervous breakdown already. I believe, many of us have taken living-at-home life for granted, specifically luxuries such as the water heater, the air conditioning, and our loyal domestic helper. As such, I have surrendered to intense training on common domestic tasks, such as perfecting my culinary skills, washing clothes without a machine, sleeping without the air conditioner, and the worst yet, bathing in icy cold water. It sucks, it really did. Especially when all are done at once.

As if these are not bad enough, the bank turned down my application for an atm card. Simply because I'm not legally 18 yet. What the hell? Why is the world so biased? Just because one hasn't reached 'The Legal Age' yet, doesn't mean one can't handle the obstacles and challenges that are to come. Age is just a number. If this is in the 1950s, I wouldn't have argued. Over the years, educations systems have been improved, performance of kids have been bragged about in political mandates, even MILK POWDERS are so freaking high-tech armed with bacterias and AHA/DHA/whatever-A to enhance the development of babies brains, accelerating their journey from the realms of from gugu and gaga, to warcraft and dota even faster than ever. People are now maturing at such an alarming rate, that by 15 years old or so, they are much more capable than an average 20 year old decades back. They should consider an amendment on this matter ASAP.
Come on, chant with me.


Personally, I think 16 would be rather acceptable... for now.

It just leaves me wondering, whether if I can survive all this?

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