Friday, September 15, 2006

Tensing up and releasing it

I woke up in horror as I stared into the mirror for the first time that day. Something evil is on my face. A Big Fat Zit. In a fit of rage, I hereby declare Sate Kajang GUILTY!

Oh why, did I surrender to its temptation of mouthwatering satay?
Oh why, did I over-indulge myself in such deadly food?
And now, I shall have to suffer the pain of the consequences. A zit is not just a zit. Its one of the most haunting torture, physically, mentally, emotionally... everything! The bad news that accompanies it is that its inevitable. Someone is bound to get one at some point of their lives. For those who brag about flawless complexions ALL THE TIME, you just wait and see!

Usually, when I get one, I try to avoid the mirrors. Because once I come into contact with one, I'll stare at it for minutes, at the same time wishing very very hard for a fairy wand to zap it to hell. I become a worry wart when I get one, I don't deny it. To helps ave myself, I went out for a movie with my cuzzies...

We watched My Super Ex-Girlfriend at Cineleisure's Cinema 6.

Rating: 6.5

I'd say its a decent enough distraction to keep me from the mirrors. At times, I feel like the movie is trying too hard to be funny. Out of the many attempts, there were only a miserable handful of scenes worthy of a short chuckle. The storyline, however, is something fresh, yet it deviates a little to the tacky side. As for the actors, they just weren't good looking enough to at least make the movie worth more of the viewers time. I thought, the acting was merely mediocre.

Enough about the movie, I now want to talk about the cinema. I remember Cineleisure, the only cinema who checked my Student ID for its expiry date. At that time, it has expired. But technically speaking, we're still students, right? It must be desperate to sell its adult tickets for their customer turnout is really rather pathetic. I can understand why. On my first visit there, that Student ID issue did nothing to encourage people to go back. The seats weren't as comfortable as GSC 1 Utama's. In addition to that, the hall was a little too empty for comfort, to extend of being a little creepy. Cinema aside, the Cineleisure building was practically empty, except for several souls wandering on the shop-less floors. I told myself I didn't like it, and will not go there voluntarily again. Since GSC 1 Utama's like nearby, why should I settle for less, huh? They charge the same! This time, I went back because my cuzzies who has just returned from the US and the UK (rich, lucky kids), wanted to try out the place. I went there, this time with hope, and left in disappointment. Hall 6 STINKS, literally, of unwashed socks. I know so, because I used to be a librarian of a library that rejects entrants with their shoes on. Phew... They should have some deodoriser handy. Their popcorns tasted sickly too. Whatever happened to the tradition of making good popcorns? They tasted sweet, but that was it. Other than that, the flavour is rather bland, and the aroma is nowhere to be found. The only thing that saved the day was Movie Day!

RM 6 for movies all day. Now I don't have to pay extra for having an already expired Student ID, teeheehee~ Not to mention I didn't have to pay a freaking sum of RM 10 for such a lousy cinema experience.

I know I'm tensed. I shall retreat to the nearby pond and feed our latest residents at Valencia Township. 6 beautiful ducklings!

Look, they swam so near that I could take this shot without any zooming. Aren't they adorable? Just feeding these graceful creatures makes me feel so much better. They reminded me of my loyal pet rooster of 5 years that my mom gave away before we moved here. *sobs*

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