Friday, September 29, 2006

In Nottingham

This blog is NOT DEAD! There may not have been updates for quite some time now, I know. I have been stretching favours from people to come fix the internet connection in my flat. Then came a certain Alex who saved the lives of Desperate-Internet-Deprived-First -Years just last night! Whoopee!

Although I am back online, I'm afraid my course's much tougher than I had initially expected. The overview itself kills. Credits, passes, essays of thousands of words, they're haunting me.

For our Pharmacy course this year, there are roughly 41 students, among which, only 6 are guys. Teeheehee~ any other Nottingham-mers intending to switch courses? VERY high girl:guy ratio, you know?

Then we have our own ice-breaking session, only for Pharmacy students. Pharmacy faculty rocks, man! And... guess what? We have our very own "IMCC"s too! But, unfortunately, we weren't give much time and money to prepare our "girls" as flamboyantly as IMUs. Nevertheless, the "girls" we have are as pretty, if not prettier than IMUs, muahaahaahaa~

Girls marched in, armed with hair accessories, jewelleries, and best of all... MAKEUP! With an evil smirk on my face, I started to decorate them faces to my hearts evil content!

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Mr. Barbie, by Ngee Zheng.

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Mr. Siti Nurhaliza, by Kelvin.

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Mr. Whatever-Cup, by Chong Ngie.

Lovely, no? I give them full respect for being such a sport. Guys, welcome to female dominance!

I have the video of the "pageant" on my laptop, for those who are interested, please contact me personally.

As for this week, there will be a week long orientation, all happening at night, because classes begin during the day =( However, the ice-breaking night (this time it's for the participation of all the first years) was a total blast. We came in clean and powered up, and left drained, sticky, sweaty and FULL. One of the games involved sucking a watermelon dry with only, get this, a miserable looking straw. I'm so sick of watermelons now, I think I shall stay away from it for the next 3 months, at the very least!

We also got to meet loads of people. If there's one thing I love about this place, it will be its diversity of nationalities as well as religion. There is a large number of international students who are very impressive in every possible manner thus far. According to the CEO, there are students from over 40 countries constituting this truly international community. I have yet to meet one from each country, but I shall make this my long term goal on this campus. So far, I have met fantastic people from, Kenya, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, England, Hong Kong, Tanzania, etc. And yup, I'm having the time of my life just loitering on the corridors, occasionally pouncing on unsuspecting friends.

I still get to go home, every weekend. The reason why we ALL want to, is probably due to one reason, and one reason only. FOOD. Glorious home cooked food! The food in the cafeteria? Edible, but not appetizing. The food outside campus? Edible, and tasted great in comparison. The food back in KL/ at home? HEAVENLY! Campus food is pale by far. By far, I mean REAL FAR, as in lightyears and lightyears away. Well, the funniest thing has got to be our mode of transaction in the cafeteria.

Monopoly money!!!
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Lol, don't ask me how, nor ask me why. They may be just a tiny piece of paper, but they're worth as much as the value printed on it. Who knows? I might just scan them onto the computer and produce duplicates! Muahahaha...

Sadly, my knowledge on technology is nowhere near mediocre. This place here is full of freaking high-tech technology. They certainly make T-Gen and Blackboard 6 look horribly amature-ish. Heck, I don't even understand what are those even after attending an entire lecture on them. This is bad, real bad, for a tech noob as outdated as me who relies solely on obsolete equipment and softwares. Especially when they emphasized that they will be making full use of these faccilities. Gah, I shall go read up on what this technology mumbo-jumbo is all about. *mumbles* As if I don't have enough research to do after class... *toot* *toot* *toot*

Meanwhile, this is my latest accomplishment (may even be the only one) in the university. Teeheehee~ A million thanks to Ken & Lilian, my coaches!

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