Thursday, February 07, 2008

Because I'm a Girl

Indulging in booze, Gambling exciting card games, strutting out in crisp new clothes, gossiping with relatives, and revealing that inner glutton devouring culinary masterpieces from housewives who enjoys that grand annual show cook off...etc.

That's what everyone looks forward to every single year. Except that this year I have something miserable to deal with. No, it's not the fact that my report is due when the holidays end. Something worse.

"You know you really shouldn't trouble yourself going out to work. Go graduate and get married to a well to do man, then be a good wife.", my grandfather said in Cantonese. In response to when I told him I'll be leaving in June for my Summer Placement Program with Boots the Chemist.

WHAT KIND OF F**KING RESPONSE IS THAT?!!! From a grandfather? Well I guess now everyone knows I'm not that close to my grandfather. I respect him and all, see him on festive seasons, I did all there was to do as a filial granddaughter. But we're not that close, like he raised me as a kid kind of thing. Don't ask why, it's a complicated family story.

Right. He's not entirely old fashioned you see, he still drives around in an auto car, uses a colour screen phone with camera and stuff. I totally understand that he said it for my own good. At least it's good, to him. But what kind of good will it do to me? Relying on men for the rest of my life? OVER MY DEAD BODY! Good, die already don't have to be a common housewife. I'm pretty sure my future hubby (if I ever get one, that is) will gladly appreciate a spouse who doesn't have to rely on him for marketing money, bills settlement and other that itsy bitsy stuff. But of course, if I get one, I will not let him get away without paying for any part of my life, say, the my credit card bill? And in that bill, there will be petrol, shopping, dining, spa, etc. Weh heh heh heh heh... I mean, even if I wanted to get married to a rich man just like that, he wouldn't want someone who will just milk him dry right? If he wants one, then he's very dumb, unless the woman he wants is Jessica Alba. Anyway, I'd hate to beg someone to give me what I want.

We're living in the 21st century and I cannot believe that my grandfather actually thought like that. But I'm not going to heed his advice this time. Because I don't believe that his experience as a China man is going to be of any help this time. I want to be proud being a woman who can provide for herself, someone who can survive independently. After all, men don't have a good track record for being dependable and generous. *shrugs* To put it simply, I found a job in the UK before graduation at the age of 19. What's not to like about that? Why is he upset about it and not proud of me? When I turn into a common outdated housewife who only thinks about the price of cucumbers and the number of dust balls sitting on the fan, is that when he will be proud of me? So does that mean the purpose of my birth is to suck my parents money dry then suck my husband's money dry, reproduce some offspring to carry the family name and then die? Ridiculous! If I'm ever going to have kids, it will never be for the sole reason of carrying the family name. I thinking of joint surnames, like the Jolie-Pitts, sounds nice *dreamy look*

I just don't know how to respond. No matter how I try to make him understand with all due respect, he doesn't seem to be changing his mind. Guess the stubborn genes really exist after all. *GASP* Does that mean that one day I'll be a stubborn old fashioned woman that says hurtful stuff to hurt her grandchildren? Yucks *slaps the gene out of my chromosome*

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