Friday, February 08, 2008

Happy CNY

Gender discrimination nearly always gets me carried away. I apologize for being so rude, posting something miserable on CNY. Golly it's my last CNY in Malaysia before I fly off to a foreign land where CNY is just another working day and ang pows cease to exist.

Gong Xi Fa Chai
A big ass picture of a China-girl wannabe, dressed in red for the season. So nerdy okay? I can't believe I can look this nerdy. No choice, my fringe is annoyingly long, and salon prices skyrocket at this season.

Taught my Aunt Gaby how to camwhore with her phone at our Reunion Dinner. I'm really such a bad influence. Spreading my ajaran sesat everywhere =P

"Be home for reunion dinner, if you can"
That Petronas advertisement on Astro, look at this, that's my primary school in that advert! LM stands for Lai Meng. And I'd recognise that playground and school badge anywhere. I never knew my primary school is so photogenic, felt so touching, watching it on TV. All the memories just can rushing back *sob sob*

A beautiful empty road on the first day of CNY. Don't you just love KL on CNY. Haha, non-KL locals, go home, and leave me with my beautiful quiet KL!

And lastly at my grandparents place, The Historical Tap!
This is where I put myself out, when my dress caught fire on a miserable Mid-Autumn's Festival.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

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michelle™ said...

When I saw that ad on tv, I was almost to shouting, "Lai Meng~! That is Lai Meng! My school! I'm from that school!"