Saturday, February 23, 2008

car accident 2

This time I'm breaking my promise. No, National Pharmacy Sports Carnival post. Not as of now. And for a good reason too.

Take a look.

Front view.

Upper right angle view.

Shattered headlights, bonnet destroyed.

Full frontal view.
The number plate escaped unscathed, just to identify whose car is it.

Yes, Bernard and I survived this awful accident. We were heading back to Subang Jaya from Bangsar, using the Federal Highway. At 11:30 pm, Bernard put down his cellphone, just to hit the emergency break, before running head first into a Toyota Innova. And I looked up just to see the car moving towards the unfortunate Toyota in slow motion. I braced myself, partly putting my arms forward to prevent head from hitting the windscreen.


It was fast. It was a strong collision, loud. I felt a pain around my pelvis. I thought I was hurt. I looked down to see the seatbelt binding me securely to the seat. The inertia to dive forward from Newton's 1st Law was huge, hence the sharp pain I felt when Newton's 3rd Law of equal force acted on the seatbelt to hold me back. To say I was "Relieved" is an understatement. Without the seatbelt, a light weighted me would've been thrown through the windshield easily, and then head injuries wouldn't then be my only concern. For a moment I was so shocked i didn't say anything. A glanced at Bernard, he was ok, save by the seatbelt too. The front view however was awful. Half of the windscreen was obscured by the bonnet which folded into half. Damage to the car looks very bad, thank goodness we were ok.

The Toyota Innova is a tough car, despite suffering severe damage to Bernard's soft metalled Proton Wira, the Toyota merely suffered a small dent on its bumper. Proton Wira, being the shorter car, suffered on the engine, headlights and the bonnet; the lower part of the car, number plate and bumper, was spared of the torture, thanks to the tall Toyota. The impact was lessened by the emergency brake that was applied at the moment, and the shock mostly absorbed by the soft metal in the Wira that gave way on collision, increasing impact time, reducing impact force. Judging by the extent of bending observed, had the force been any larger, the windscreen would've kissed the ass of the Toyota. And God knows what could've happened.

View from the driver seat. Notice how bent the bonnet was.

Shocked as we were, we started to realise what a nasty situation was in. Guna, the kind owner of the Toyota was a perfect gentleman about it. Bless him. Within 10 minutes, there were more than half a dozen of strangers who stopped by the road, coming towards us. These are vultures who feed on your unfortunate event, chen4 huo3 da3 jie2 kind of people. They are spies, connected by walkie talkies, and working for towing services. No matter how convincing and persuasive they were, Bernard did the right thing by not giving in to their crap. All they want to do is rip us off, it's a lucrative business, this one. They have no mercy, wanting to take advantage of our distressful situation to make a hell lot of money, and yet not do a good job about it. The right thing he did was to call the insurance helpline, to engage in their accredited panel of towing services and garages. Or else, the insurance claim would've been messy. And I thank Aunt Lilian and Uncle Henry for teaching us all these, also for coming to our rescue so late at night.

After a police report, summon slip and a depressing ride home, there's still more consequences to come. Stuff like an appeal letter to reduce the summon, insurance procedures, and damage assessment with the vehicle. And the worse one? Having to live with the guilt, the cost of repair, and not having a car for 2-3 weeks.

I thank God for not letting me get hurt. Someone point me to the nearest temple/ church. Promise I'll do more good deeds to get more good karma. Fluffy dear you also have to accumulate good karma, cut down on the naughty stuff ya.

I beg everyone who's reading this, please do not talk on the phone while driving. I'm serious. Don't say,

"Nah, it won't happen to me"
"I'm been driving since I was 1 years old"
"I'm the best driver around"
"I'm the next Michael Schumacher"

because, no matter who or how, there's always a risk when you're on the road. Please be careful on the road. I wouldn't want anyone else to experience this kind of trauma. It can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Especially if you have bad karma.

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LiliaN said...

That was quite an impact.Thankfully both of you were ok.Better get a handsfree.Take care ya...learn from mistakes.