Friday, March 07, 2008

National Pharmacy Sports Carnival (NPSC)

Enough procrastinating already. This is the last straw. I'm going to blog about it, even with the meager amount of photos that I have. Hands itchy, have not been blogging for over a week! It's been more than a fortnight since the event now, and the photos are somehow, not reaching me. Oh it's somewhere out there alright... it's with A, who passed the CD to B, who lent it to C, who is not done with it, and D who claims to be next in line for the CD...etc. Don't you just get tired of stuff like this sometimes?

The night before, we virtually didn't get any sleep. Camping at Grace's, we made an awful lot of disgusting egg sandwiches. By the way, the sandwiches tasted awesome, they were so popular there were none left by the end of the day. I said it was disgusting because I hate egg sandwiches in general, and I hate it even more after spending a whole night mashing up over a hundred eggs into paste with mayo. Eewwww, egg and mayo is like so gooey and mushy and just plain yucky, to me. I smelt like egg the entire event =( Guess these are times when heavy BO would come in handy.

Posing in front of Grace's TTS home in full pyjamas glory =D
Say Yuen with her yellow bag and pillow, Grace, Me and my pillow and my blanky, Juli with her pillow and her brand new bag.

After helping out with the sandwiches, Say Yuen, Juli and myself stayed up even longer to salvage what was left of our miserable banner. It's supposed to look more attractive than this, I swear. But that cheat of a printing company did such a horrible job. At such a cut-throat price. In such a long period of time. We didn't pay a bomb for them to churn out this piece of shit for a week. The colours are all out, they're not even at the right shade. The only thing we could do at such short notice was to DIY it. You just can't count on other people to do somethings right nowadays.

The Publicity Team behind the-banner-that-was-supposed-to-look-great.
Chin Hong flanked by moi, Say Yuen, Juli and Tennis Racquets. I think. or are those Squash racquets? I can never tell the 2 sport apart. Sports are evils things I tend to stay away from. They make me smelly, sweaty, drain my energy, waste my time and ruin my fattening diet even more. Big no-no, definitely, gotta keep those fats on. Speaking of my diet, I've resorted to having 2 dinners on certain day, I think I've grown a little, but my mum doesn't seem to agree. *sigh*

And then how would an event like this be complete without a formal opening ceremony. Dr.D gave a fantastic unconventional opening speech, it had everyone up in stitches! Since the guests get to sit comfortably in front, we get access to Gold Class seats, hehe, how many of Nottiez have had the honour to conquer the elusive "atas" (literally) seats?

I must say, the view is quite impressive, not to mention the seat were very warm, spacious and comfy!

Merck, Sharp and Dohme (MSD) were our sponsors for the day. In exchange for lunch, we surrendered our body and soul to their Cervical Cancer Presentation. This is better than making a deal with the devil! I mean, you get food, and freebies (folder, pen, 30 Glucosamine capsules, nice paper bag) if we would just sit down and listen to their presentation. Deal or No Deal?

Chow chow (orange) , one of the few working pharmacists who attended our event. Thank you so much for giving me so much face by coming. Although we couldn't offer much, and I was too busy to give good company, I was glad that he and his mate managed to walk away with a Gold in Men's Double in Badminton. Way to go!

Me flanked by ChowChow (white) and his stellar partner-in- crime victory.

Our Dean, Dr. Doughty, is most charming in this picture. He's a great sport really, participating in badminton and futsal in which they made it to Bronze in the Men's Futsal category. How many Deans these days are as cool as ours? He's ours and my new idol *smirk*

Mr.Wong and Dr.D keeping a hawk's eye on their potential opponents.
They're psycho-ing the rest, like what they always do to us. But you must love them for wearing our Pharmacy T-shirt so sportingly, and looking good in it too.

Duncan, an essential component of our illustrious Men's Basketball team which secured a Gold effortlessly to our delight. As Basketball Scorekeeper, I was only too eager to flip those score cards =) However, I must admit that I now view this fellow in a different light after the competition. It's amazing how you can get to know someone even better just by watching them throw an orange ball around. Although I'm pretty sure we might get to know each other more than we want to when we stay together in UK.
By the way, this dude is single, available and plays good basketball! Not to mention his future pharmacy profession brings in good money in future. Interested? Text me *wink*

The other 1/3 of our champion basketball team, Chong Ngie!
You can count on him to steal the limelight in any basketball game with his swoon-worthy moves, he scores full points in style! The girls were so impressed, we now have a ChongNgie Fan Club going. Moi would be the Vice President, because Juli is the President, haha! Guess what, he's going to be my housemate in UK. Jealous much? *snigger*
Wanted to get a shot with Neil, our star basketball player, but he was too preoccupied with a certain MBB who's out doing what she does best.

The basketball scorekeepers and timekeeper taking a break from the scorching sun. Nothing beats a good shade, a sip of cool water and a camwhoring moment to keep things cheerful. And stop staring at our legs. I know you're looking.

No prizes for guessing which one of the Help Squad member was caught slacking that day. It's not me because I'm too preoccupied with catching a slacking member, red handed, or red shirted rather.

Checking myself in the phone, mirrors are just too far away. Before it was half day, I was told that I was blushing as if I was drunk. Lol. Forgive me for being in such a mess. You would too if you were made to stand under the sun like a piece of salted fish, bathing in sweat and ruffled by the wind.

More meaningless just-to-satisfy-the-camwhore-in-us picture ahead.

While waiting for lunch to be served, we entertain ourselves with the camera.
Top row (L-R) : Duncan, Chin Hong.
Middle row (L-R) : Me, Say Yuen, Juli, Geetha.
Bottom row (L-R) : Jasmine and Cheryl.

The Help Squad too occupied helping themselves to a nice big dose of camwhoring.

When it's over, everyone is so toasted they look like ripe apples =)
CherWei, Me, ChongNgie, SayYuen and Jasmine.

Say Yuen, SiuSien, Juli and myself. The 5 footers.

And that wraps up the post. It's 1 in the morning now, and there's elections going on later today. Everybody, exercise your rights. VOTE! We've heard a lot, and it's high time that we decide.

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