Monday, March 17, 2008

Political T-Shirt

I bet some of y'all have seen me floating around in campus with this cheeky white T-Shirt that says,

"I'm in an illegal gathering of more than 3 people" in front.
"Without a police permit" at the back.

This white tee has a distinctive attitude, you just can't bear to miss it!
Most of the responses I got were "That's a really cool shirt!". It was heart breaking I tell you, because the shirt is now official cooler than me *sobs* Shall turn you into a table rag, you ungrateful piece of politically twisted cotton! How can a piece of Rm15 T-Shirt be cooler than it's owner... Damn sad lo. I actually paid 15 bucks to be classified as more unworthy than an unbranded shirt.

For those who wants to fit in my shoes, here's your chance! Like the Ling-o-logy saying, if you can't get rid of the misery, SHARE the MISERY!!! Muahahahaha.....

Since the elections are over, no police are gonna have a water game with you for taking political sides. They probably got bored of it. How many people actually likes working in soaking wet underwears? Eww, so disgusting, wet underwears are like the perfect habitat for bacteria and yeast growth! Like Chlamydia, or vaginal candidiasis... Digression over.

Yeah, this time around, the whites are NO LONGER "Limited Edition" pieces. Which is sad for me, because my shirt is not special anymore. Thank you very much, the creator of this thing. Everything you need to know are as follows:

Deadline - April 2008. (So you can get them by the end of April)
Price - Rm 15 for now. Will be confirmed soon.

T-shirt measurements :

Baby-T = 32" 34" and 36″
S = 40″
M = 42″
L = 44″
XL = 46″

To order, Click this , and write your Name, Size, Colour, and Contact Details in the Comments Link. They would like to highlight that payment is strictly by CASH.

If you don't know your size go nick a disposable measuring tape from IKEA and start measuring your boobs/chest. Alternatively for the girls, you can check what's written on the label of your bra. Take the average if they're all different sizes, for whatever weird reason, I don't want to know thank you. By the way, there's also a Facebook group for this shirt, I don't know what for, but I guess it's to promote it. Have a click at it anyway.

Happy ordering.

P/s: I should charge some commission for doing this.

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