Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tech feature on Ling-o-logy

Struck by a lightning, I have been zapped with infinite geek brain cells. With great powers, come great responsibility. And so, I have decided to save the world, by rescuing helpless non-geeks of the world!

Behold... Ling-o-logy shall be transformed, for the greater good, into a Tech Blog!!!
*Chiang chiang Dang Dang*

Kidding lah, hehehe... If you had believed that one bit, then you obviously don't know me enough. Shame on you. Please get to know me better ok. The fact is, I'm actually very hopeless in IT related stuff, and in fact, very dependent on my trusty roomate/housemate/tech support, LiLian Wong! Which I love so much, by the way.

She is a final year Computer and Information Systems undergraduate at my university. Recently, she has come up with a brilliant Tech Blog, all on her own. So smart leh... It provides an interesting read on up and coming technologies, as well as little gadget reviews that never ceases to amaze tech-noobs like me. So nevermind if you're a fellow tech-noob comrade, you'll be surprised that it's NOT one of those geek languaged, boring, makes-you-feel-geeky-just-reading-it kind of blog. In this blog, Lilian also logs her opinions, observations, and originality (The 3 'O's) into a comprehensive blog to benefit the world, while completing her assignment. Yes, it's part of her Developments in Digital Business module and it's graded by her lecturer. Do drop by for a read, support the young, aspiring Tech Support! Oh, and feel free to comment as well, she loves comments =) She even replies personally *squeals*

I hope whoever that is reading this will lend a helping hand, help my dear friend achieve better grades! Like I always say, you'll never know when you need that essential dose of good karma. Besides, its for your own good. Remember to leave comments ya! (It doesn't have to be a techie comment, it can be just layman and encouraging!)

As for my part, and to encourage more your participation in her blog, I shall leave the link of the blog as "Lilian's Tech Feature" in the "In the Blog-O-Sphere" section =) All the best my dear. Muacks!

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