Monday, May 11, 2009


This weekend was slightly more uplifting for the mood!
Having only 1 precious week left to my exams, I'm preparing myself for isolation and revision. I don't cope very well with distractions you see =P

I had a FREE fringe trim at Zullo and Holland, as promised with my haircut. Walk-in anytime + 15 minutes was all it took! No need for appointments, no need for amateur toilet attempts! I had Sue for my trim because my stylist was busy, but she was just ok. My preference still goes to Shireen, my stylist =P Next Gaga-inspired fringe trim after exams, heh heh heh. Free what?!

And then, I also enjoyed a FREE eye sight test at Dollond and Aitchison (D&A). All it took was an appointment made online at their website! They called me the very next day to confirm my appointment, and also called the day before to remind me of my appointment. With my NUS card, I get to enjoy the test for FREE! Wee...~! Goodness me, their tests were PRO-stuff! I had no idea what they were doing, but my Opthalmologist Charlotte was checking the back of my eye, the health of my eye, my eye sight, and even did a contact lens assessment! Definitely not your ordinary amateurish eye check in Malaysia.

The results? No myopic or astigmatism increment in both eyes for my glasses. However, my contact lens power has changed. I wondered how that happened, but I truly have been experiencing some trouble with my lenses. D&A offers contact lens by post, which is quite an awesome programme. Essentially, they will mail your contacts lens + fresh lens solution + fresh lens case to your door every month, being on the programme also includes free eye tests and big discounts off glasses/sunglasses. I might consider the programme, but it would cost me £20/ month, for the contact lenses that suits me. Gotta consider carefully. £20 is a lot of money!

That was just Saturday. On Sunday, I travelled to Oxford!

It was an essential trip to get my accommodation in Oxford settled, for I have not got time to worry about it after this. But it was unfortunate that it costs a whopping £48 for a return train ticket Nottingham-Oxford! Don't even get me started on the bus, it costs £50! Thank goodness I have got a 16-25 Railcard that took £16 off the £48 pricetag straightaway, leaving me just only £32.10 poorer =(

To make things worse, it was impossible to get a direct route to Oxford on that day. I ended up with the following route.

Nottingham -(train)- Birmingham -(train)- Banbury -(bus)- Oxford
10:23 13:55

and my return route was supposed to be,

Oxford -(bus)- Banbury -(train)- Birmingham -(train)- Leicester -(train)- Nottingham
16:53 19:51

There was a Birmingham-Nottingham direct train that was delayed for 15 minutes at Birmingham. I ran for my life, caught it, and managed to reach Nottingham at 19:05 instead! YAY ME! *claps*

It was expensive, but fruitful! I did manage to visit an accommodation, and we've both agreed to a tenancy agreement. I will now be staying with a family, at a price which is similar to what I'm paying in Nottingham. Awesome! I finished what I went there to do.

Butt is flat. Mood is stressed. Stomach is hungry. Body is tired. Exams are coming. Study now.


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