Thursday, May 14, 2009

nasi lemak + arthritis index

I'm not motivated to study at all. So here I am wasting some time, hoping that the guilt will kick in and make me a better person. Thanks to my friends, I managed to get hold of Nasi Lemak!

Mempersembahkan... Nasi Lemak Nottingham!
Lebih hebat dari mamak punye Nasi Goreng USA!
Sedap tu, harga £2 boleh dapat paha goreng, 1/8 telur, 1/50 timun, beberapa biji kacang, sedikit nasi santan, dengan 2 sudu kecil sambal bawang.
Kat Malaysia jual berapa? RM1.50 kut...
Tapi takpe, perut aku mau jugak.

Sekian, terima kasih kerana cuba membaca bahasa saya yang teramat teruk.

Another problem that I'm struggling with, is my closest friend fiend, back ache.
On some days, it just gets especially bad! And today was unfortunately one of those days. The moment I woke up, I didn't want to get out of my bed at all! It feels like my back couldn't support me. Until I saw the above!

Apparently, IngChang claims that this website gives a more accurate weather forecast than BBC, so I've been trying it out. The arthritic index for today is "EXTREME". And then I wonder, if my back pain is related to it at all. If anything I do have a family member current suffering from arthritis, only that he's 52, not 20 =.="

Weather does have an effect on arthritic pain, I've heard people say it, I've read reports talking about it. It sucks to think that I might be feeling it =(

I'll wait and see...

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