Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lazy Post of YouTube videos

As most of you may have realised, my SPRING exams are here to haunt me again =( Expect less regular posting. As if I haven't been posting poorly already. BAH. Revision and stress started over 2 months ago, hence the poor postings.

Cue: Exam "Semangat" Song

Sent to me via Live Messenger by Big Bird, who received it from someone else.

Anyway, more YouTube to keep you all occupied while I'm gone.
(No new humping turtle video this time around, I think they've all gotten shy and went into hiding.)

1) Check out JUMBAFUND. *click*

In case you don't know who KevJumba is, it's time you do!
KevJumba is a prominent YouTube Comedian from the States. The amount of subscribers he has is legendary, he now endorses clothes, and also has his own website. His main channel can be found HERE.

Right now, KevJumba started a new channel to raise funds for charity. For every view, YouTube will contribute towards his account, and 100% of the profits will be going to charity. I feel strongly supportive of this, so I'm promoting it, especially to mean people who are in need of some good karma.

2) If you haven't caught the Britain's Got Talent 2009 bug, allow me to infect you. It's way cooler than Swine Flu.

It's extremely amusing, and they've got a whole variety of acts from miming to knitting to magic shows to stand up comedy, aside from the good old singing and dancing. You think you've seen all the crazy people on American Idol? Wait till you see this. *click*

3) My new favourite channel, COMMUNITY CHANNEL.

Natalie Tran is ethnic Vietnamese, born in Australia. You gotta love her humour, poking fun of stupid things we do everyday. Maturity is required to fully understand her videos. Small kids, go away. Come back when you've grown some armpit hair.

4) America's Next Top Model Cycle 12 (2009)

The name says it all. I have just watched the finale last night and I'm pretty disappointed with Tyra's choice of a winner. But hey, it still makes good TV. Young girls definitely have something to learn through this. It's not all glamour and beauty you see. CLICK.

This should be enough to keep you all occupied. I promise the next post is going to be something BIG. Don't say I didn't warn ya.

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