Friday, May 29, 2009

End of 3rd year

Relief and joy rushes through every single cell of my body, for I AM FREEEEEEE...

I'm done with studying day and night, insomnia, and diarrhoeas. I've been studying for TOO MANY YEARS. Am utterly sick and tired of it. YUCKS.

I must say, this exam season was beyond happening!
Professional Skills 3: Pharmacy Law & Dispensing was supposed to be on the 18th, my first paper. As I was about to step through my door, a friend told me that the EXAMINATION WAS CANCELLED, due to SYSTEM FAILURE. It's an online exam that requires the use of computers you see. To make things worse, it was postponed to most unbelievable date ever, 27th MAY, between 2 other papers of mine on 26th and 28th. GG liao.

Studying my lecture handouts and my ugly handwritten notes for DGT. People who are considering Pharmacy should take a good look at these babies. My bread and butter.

22th MAY, was my next paper, Diseases and Goals of Treatment, an Open 1 Book Test. You think it's easy? Think again. In some questions, you need to write 4 points, to earn 1 mark. We were given 3 hours to complete 100% worth of questions. And yet, somehow we ended up pretty shocked that 3 hours was just about enough time! Must be the book flipping...

26th MAY, Toxicology. Choose 2 questions from 5, each worth 50 marks. We had only 1 hour. I wrote and wrote and wrote for my dear life, from the first second till the last. Seriously how can you write 100 points within 60 minutes? This was a shocker paper as well. For the past 5 years, they ALWAYS had a "poisoning" question, until this year. Nice la, give everyone a heart attack.

27th MAY, the postponed Law paper. Did I mention mention it was a Open 2 books, and 4 handouts test? But get this, the passing mark is 60%. For every wrong answer you get -0.5%, yes a freaking NEGATIVE mark. So annoying. 1 and a half hours of True/False questions, 50% chances of getting it wrong, I was scared out of my wits.

Past Year Questions, 1 question = 100%.

28th MAY, Quality in Medicine Design and Usage. Now this is the most abandoned module in the entire year, as in, no one bothers to revise for it much. I guess I've underestimated it, it is a wicked one indeed. The format was, choose 1 question out of 3, the question is worth 100 marks. Tell me, how do you answer a 100% question? It is absolutely insane!

So that's a brief summary of my exams this semester. You thought Year 3 MPharm was easy aye? Think again.

Oh, now that I've officially finished my exams, I AM NOW A FINAL YEAR MPHARM STUDENT !!! I'm updating my template right there to show Year 4 =) -----> Go see!

Yes I am bragging. I've waited 3 years, lost so much hair, lost so much time to get there. It's the least that I deserve, bragging rights!

Special thanks to EeHow who helped me return my library books, and made me roast duck! Best meal I had in weeks!

To save time, I had resorted to salads, and smoked fish, or day old food. Salads are raw, and need no cooking haha! Smoked fishes are flavoured on its own, they only need heating up, or else I'll cook a few days worth of food in one go, and heat them in portions over the course of several days. Things I go through for my course. Sigh.


Jean said...

YIPEE~ for you. I'm waiting for my THAT DAY to come.. sigh~ Wont be a long wait though, as my THAT DAY is tmrw (=

The Ling said...

Hi! Thank you. Your freedom is soon to come. Happiness is not that far away =)