Thursday, May 28, 2009

penis penis penis

So I've been told I have under 18s reading my blog, and that I had better control my writing. But the thing is, I don't think there's anything wrong with it!

Among the more recent entries labeled as "inappropriate content", they are "Tofu Penis" and "The One with the Humping Turtle Video". However I'd like to highlight that both entries were inspired with content from U rated channels, The Star Online, and YouTube, respectively. These are readily available to them kids anyway. Besides, I don't think there's anything inappropriate about them! Call them Sex Education. In my time, it was called Sains Tingkatan 3 Bab 1.

It is nothing to be ashamed about. If anything, in the course of my profession I will have to discuss more 'disgusting' things with my patients! Emergency contraception, impotency and usage of Viagra and others, if required. As long as it's part of a mature conversation, it's alright!

For example,
Penis is a noun. Every other person on earth has it. Your dad has it. Your brother, boyfriend, grandfather and cousins have it. It's like saying every one has EYES. It's not a word that you should be ashamed of.

If you're not mature enough to handle this, you really need to go away and grow up some more. Stop bugging my family about it. I'm legally an adult, and these are my decisions. Besides I don't think I'm setting an awful example here.

My parents have no problem with it.
I'm completing my Masters in a years time.
I haven't done anything illegal.
I'm working over summer, probably earning more than your parents.
I go to church
I am a qualified first aider
I am a registered organ/blood donor in M'sia and UK.
I am 21.

I may not be excellent but I definitely don't see anything too terrible with myself really. In fact, these are things that young kids could actually learn from me.

If a little bit of drinking helps me achieve more, why not?
It's not illegal. In fact, there's a hormesis relationship with alcohol, meaning alcohol within limits are actually BENEFICIAL for your health.

Would you have kept the alcohol from me, if you knew that I wouldn't cope with stress as well without it?

Try being away from home for a year, dealing with a stressful Masters degree, having test/exams throughout your semester, and still have a load of exams at the end of the semester. Not to mention, summer job applications, post-graduation job applications, house hunting and such. Let's see how stressed will you get, smarty pants.

Bottom line, vices in moderation works in MY favour. As long as there are maturity and sensibility in judgements, I don't see anything wrong in drinking alcohol and saying the word PENIS.

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Like this post!!! Keep updating your blog.. Love ya =)